WWE 2K24 Review

WWE 2K24 Review
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Annual sports game releases can be a double-edged sword for developers, who must balance meeting deadlines and producing consistently high-quality games. The WWE 2K series faced this challenge head-on, with the WWE 2K20 scandal forcing the franchise into a much-needed two-year hiatus. Nevertheless, WWE 2K24, which follows the two-year break, is a testament to the advantages of regrouping and refining and provides an insight into the series’ evolution.

Visuals and Authenticity

The WWE 2K series’ dedication to detail and visual accuracy have always been among its defining characteristics. This pattern is maintained in WWE 2K24, which features enhanced character models that closely mirror their real-life counterparts. The game does an amazing job of faithfully capturing the essence of WWE Superstars, down to their elaborate tattoos and signature hairstyles. The total immersion of the game is enhanced by noteworthy changes made to even seemingly insignificant features like referees and management.

Gameplay Mechanics

WWE 2K24 does a great job of improving upon current systems and adding little but useful touches, even though it may not feature any revolutionary gameplay mechanics. Matches now have a strategic element thanks to the “super finisher” addition, and the gameplay’s general flow and authenticity are improved by new tag mechanics and AI advancements. Furthermore, the addition of new match kinds like Gauntlet and Special Guest Referee matches presents new difficulties and chances for pandemonium in multiplayer games.

Story Modes

WWE 2K24 continues to uphold its heritage of providing gamers with two unique storylines to delve into. Both stories offer plenty of material and replay value, whether it’s tackling the power vacuum left by a departing champion or setting out on a path from independent wrestling to WWE fame. Filler matches and feuds, on the other hand, might take away from the overall story immersion.

Showcase Mode

WWE 2K24’s Showcase Mode tries to capture the magic of legendary wrestling moments, although it is not quite successful in doing so. Although Corey Graves tells gripping stories in between fights, there are moments when the reenactment of legendary fights is poorly done. For those looking for genuine wrestling memories, the mode falls short due to its emphasis on completing tasks rather than providing genuine gameplay experiences.

Universe and MyGM Modes

With a few modest improvements, the Universe and MyGM modes are back, giving players more depth and power over the WWE scene. Universe mode doesn’t really change, even though MyGM adds interesting features like post-poll exchanges and individual ring levels for Superstars. Even with such a strong base, several features—such as Superstar promos—are missing, which indicates that there is still opportunity for development in subsequent versions.


To sum up, a three-year journey towards the pinnacle of wrestling gaming culminates with WWE 2K24. Even if the game had its share of difficulties, it nevertheless serves as a monument to the creators’ commitment to provide players a compelling and entertaining experience. WWE 2K24, despite its imperfections, succeeds in taking the franchise to new heights and laying the groundwork for exciting new developments in the virtual wrestling industry.

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WWE 2K24 features enhanced visuals, refined gameplay mechanics, and subtle additions such as the “super finisher” move and improved AI behavior.

Despite its strengths, WWE 2K24’s Showcase Mode may disappoint fans seeking authentic wrestling nostalgia, while certain features like Superstar promos remain absent in Universe mode.

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