Unicorn Overlord Review

Unicorn Overlord Review
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It’s rare to come across a high fantasy role-playing game that revitalizes the genre. Nevertheless, Unicorn Overlord succeeds in doing precisely that because to its novel gameplay mechanics and character-focused strategy.

A Refreshing Narrative Approach

Through character interactions, Unicorn Overlord gradually reveals its exquisitely formed universe to players instead of overloading them with extensive exposition. Despite being straightforward and adhering closely to genre clichés, the game’s main premise feels novel because of how it is presented and how well it is told.

Exploring the Kingdoms of Fth

Unicorn Overlord’s primary goal is broken up into five separate arcs, each of which focuses on a different Fth realm. Extra depth is added via side quests, which give players the chance to explore more intimate areas of these countries and influence the storyline with their choices.

Diverse Characters and Moral Choices

With a cast of characters that is diverse and has distinct personalities and goals, Unicorn Overlord has humans, elves, angels, and even werelions. Gamers are free to choose the destiny of prospective allies, exercising a wide range of moral judgments.

Stunning Visuals and Immersive Sound

With exquisitely animated characters and backgrounds, Unicorn Overlord exhibits developer Vanillaware’s distinctive 2.5D flair. Immersive sound design, with voices that precisely match character faces and sceneries, enhances the game’s visual appeal.

Innovative Combat Mechanics

The fighting system in Unicorn Overlord combines turn-based role-playing game principles with real-time tactics to provide players a distinctive and captivating gameplay experience. With so many distinct unit types and classes at their disposal, players can try out various squad configurations to fit their preferred style of play.

Varied and Dynamic Battles

Because Unicorn Overlord has maps with a variety of geography and obstacles, battles are not just strategic but also dynamic. Every conflict, from rival clans to cyclical sandstorms, offers unique difficulties and chances for innovative strategies.

Encouraging Exploration and Resource Management

Beyond fighting, Unicorn Overlord promotes resource management and exploration. In order to aid in the reconstruction of cities and towns, players can acquire materials and transport them there, opening up new possibilities for both story and gameplay advancement.

A Well-Rounded Experience

Even with a few minor flaws, including the lack of a female protagonist choice and the sporadic padding in bond chats, Unicorn Overlord succeeds in providing a well-rounded experience. It’s one of the best strategy RPGs released in recent memory thanks to its distinctive fusion of gameplay elements, storytelling, and graphic design.


A wonderful example of the inventiveness and originality found in the high fantasy role-playing game genre is Unicorn Overlord. It provides players an incredibly immersive gaming experience that will have them excitedly awaiting the next story to be told, town to be developed, and war to be waged thanks to its gripping storyline, inventive combat mechanisms, and breathtaking graphics.

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Unicorn Overlord is a high fantasy RPG that offers a refreshing take on the genre, combining character-focused storytelling with innovative combat mechanics.

Yes, players have the freedom to experiment with different squad setups by combining various unit types and classes to suit their playstyle.

Yes, Unicorn Overlord features side quests that provide additional depth to the game’s narrative, allowing players to delve into smaller slices of the five kingdoms of Fth. types and classes to suit their playstyle.

Exploration plays a significant role in Unicorn Overlord, as players can gather resources and deliver them to cities and towns to help them rebuild, unlocking new opportunities for narrative and gameplay progression.

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