The Outlast Trials Review

The Outlast Trials Review
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Imagine living in a world where, in order to survive, you and your friends voluntarily expose yourself to the atrocities of sadistic madmen. Welcome to “The Outlast Trials,” a horror game for multiplayer that is sure to make you laugh as much as scream. I explored this graphic yet strangely humorous universe thoroughly, and here is what I found.

Gory Fun in the Dark

Entering “The Outlast Trials” is like to entering a corny horror film, complete with extravagant antagonists brandishing power drills as hands. Although the game’s Early Access edition showed potential, the full release goes above and beyond. Imagine you and your friends huddled under beds and in closets, attempting to escape the grasp of a deadly enemy. It’s the ideal formula for an exciting Friday night.

Diving into the Madness

Players participate in death games as volunteers from a rehabilitation facility and battle ruthless killers while solving riddles and overcoming obstacles. The villains’ ridiculous antics, such as tasering their own crotches and using hand puppets for ventriloquism, give the horror an unexpectedly humorous touch. The experience is similar to a warped carnival ride because of the combination of gory violence and ridiculousness.

Innovative Gameplay

“The Outlast Trials” offers a distinctive cooperative experience that completely subverts the survival horror genre. It offers a novel perspective on multiplayer horror, akin to the love child of “The Evil Within” and “Overcooked.” Even though there was some initial doubt, the combination functions flawlessly and offers hours of thrilling enjoyment.

Lackluster Storytelling

The story isn’t as good as the gameplay, though. The lore of the “Outlast” series may be fascinating to longtime fans, but the tale lacks depth. Few cutscenes provide gamers minimal background information, making them want for a more engaging story.

Polished Performance

The technical polish of “The Outlast Trials” is one area in which it excels. Rich graphics, few glitches, and fluid action all add to a captivating gaming environment. The adversary’s AI heightens the suspense by pursuing players nonstop.

Repetitive Gameplay

The game’s levels and enemies aren’t very varied, despite its positive aspects. The repetitive navigation of the same areas and encounters with the same enemies may cause players to become fatigued. Although replay value is increased via upgrades and difficulty settings, the boredom is not entirely eliminated.


The unusual and exciting cooperative horror game “The Outlast Trials” may not last as long as it could due to its monotonous gameplay and thin story. For those daring enough to venture down its shadowy hallways, the game nonetheless offers enough of graphic amusement, even though the initial thrill may eventually wear off.

In conclusion, “The Outlast Trials” fulfills its cooperative horror promise but struggles to maintain sustained interest over time. For a few hours of exhilarating enjoyment, dive into its chaos, but don’t expect to be hooked for the long haul.

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“The Outlast Trials” is a cooperative survival horror game where players, along with up to three friends, become inmates in a rehabilitation center and volunteer for a series of death games.

Unlike traditional single-player horror experiences, “The Outlast Trials” offers a cooperative multiplayer approach, combining gruesome violence with absurdity for a unique gaming experience.

While the game features intriguing lore for fans of the “Outlast” series, the narrative is minimalistic, with sparse cutscenes providing limited context.

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