The Finals Review: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Competitive Shooter Arena

The Finals Review
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Introduction: A Unique Blend of Genres

There’s always a rise and fall in the dynamic world of online shooters, where titles like Call of Duty and Apex Legends are shining examples of success. There are many titles that flash briefly before disappearing for every victory. In this dynamic environment, The Finals stands out as a competitor, combining the intensity of 3v3 gunfights with aspects of game shows. Imagine if the 1987 film “The Running Man” was based on them. Play a virtual game show with two friends, fighting against other three-person squads to get cash before the timer goes off. Striking the ideal blend between seriousness and excitement, the vivid color scheme and animated play-by-play commentators evoke the outrageous American Gladiators era.

Two Modes, One Goal

Two new main modes are introduced in The Finals: “Quick Cash” and “Bank Heist.” Teams must gather coins and place them at specified locations in the former, which causes severe convergences. Though “Bank Heist” emphasizes player versus player combat, it also adds strategic elements as players must weigh the balance between kills and loot deposits.

Tournaments Unleashed

Tournaments become available as players go through the game, enhancing the competitive atmosphere. Teams compete in modified cash-based modes in a bracket style, with the winner emerging from an exciting 3v3 match. The fast-paced rounds and huge stakes of the tournament structure guarantee an irresistible “just one more game” appeal.

Diverse Character Archetypes

Three character weight classes—light, medium, and heavy—each offering a different playstyle—are introduced in the Finals. The uniqueness of each class enhances the gameplay, allowing players to do things like break through walls like a juggernaut or use grappling hooks. Future upgrades might need to fix the existing balance issues, which favor heavy buildings in particular.

Cosmetic Flourish and In-Game Economy

Each character gains a unique touch when they are able to access an extensive selection of cosmetics via experience points or real money. But in order to promote experimenting with various builds, the progression system’s pacing and in-game currency distribution might use some fine tuning.

Destructible Environments

The Finals’ destructible settings are what really make the show. Buildings collapsing, skybridges collapsing—this dynamic system has enormous strategic implications. Decisions made in the heat of the moment produce unforgettable moments, transforming every game into an amazing show.

Solo Play and Team Dynamics

There’s a disadvantage even though solo play is easy to access and fun thanks to a fast matchmaking system and an intuitive ping mechanism. There are no replacements available in games when players leave a fight in the middle of a fight or fail to form a full three-person team, which can be discouraging.

Conclusion: A New Standard in Competitive Fun

The Finals succeeds in standing out within the competitive shooter genre, despite minor issues with game types, balance, and reward structures. It stands out for its distinctive fusion of intense action, devastation of the environment, and game show elements. It provides players with a thrilling experience that revitalizes the online shooter genre. Taking care of these details as the game develops might propel The Finals to the pinnacles of the video game industry.

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The Finals is a competitive online shooter that combines intense gunfights with the flair of a virtual game show.

Yes, solo play is accessible, with quick matchmaking and a user-friendly ping system, though team dynamics can enhance the overall experience.

No, The Finals maintains a fair playing field by ensuring that items purchased with premium currency do not offer a competitive advantage, and all in-game currency can be earned through playing.


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