Stellar Blade Review-PS5-Gorgeous Action Undermined by Weak Story

Gorgeous Action Undermined by Weak Story

Stellar Blade Review


Stellar Blade, the newest game from Shift Up, is here and it’s a contrast-based game. Stellar Blade is an engaging action game with stunning graphics, a clever battle system, and a respectable quantity of content. Its plot and role-playing components, however, are clumsy and leave an uneven aftertaste.

Action Reigns Supreme

Stellar Blade’s fighting is its central feature. With a nod to games such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, timing your counterattacks and playing flawless defense are key. The only way to survive when enemies unleash lethal combos is to quickly parry their blows. When you parry well, you create space for counterattacks that let you destroy your opponents with merciless efficiency.

However, the combat mechanism is not limited to parrying. The addition of beta skills deepens the strategy. These powerful attacks can stun groups of adversaries or cause enormous damage to a single victim, among other usefulness. In the heat of combat, controlling your resources—both standard health and a special meter for Beta abilities—becomes essential.

A Feast for the Eyes

Visually, Stellar Blade is fantastic. The universe is a breathtaking blend of vast alien landscapes and post-apocalyptic ruins. The Nativa adversaries you will encounter have a horrible beauty, and both the character and monster designs are equally amazing. The soundtrack, which alternates between eerie melodies when exploring barren settings and heart-pounding symphonic soundtracks during boss encounters, flawlessly matches the graphics.

Exploration Rewards the Curious

Two large open areas can be explored in Stellar Blade, even if the main plot progresses in a straight manner. There are a ton of mysteries in these places to discover, including difficult opponent engagements and concealed valuables. There’s always something to discover off the usual road, whether you’re looking for upgrade materials or just want to take in the atmosphere.

Story and RPG Elements Stumble

Stellar Blade’s story and role-playing aspects fall short, despite the action and graphics being very good. The plot itself is unoriginal and unengaging. It’s challenging to establish an emotional connection with the characters since they lack nuance and individuality. The side missions are equally boring and frequently force you to go back to places you’ve already visited with little payoff.

The RPG components don’t feel naturally connected; they feel like an afterthought. While skill points are unlocked by leveling up, many of the later upgrades are little and provide only marginal gains. In a similar vein, the in-game money mostly loses its value during the second part of the campaign.

Aesthetics over Substance?

Unquestionably, Stellar Blade is a game with strengths. The fighting is smooth, difficult, and incredibly fulfilling. The soundtrack is excellent, and the planet is visually stunning. But the game’s underwhelming plot and rudimentary RPG components prevent it from living up to its full potential. Although it’s a great action game, players looking for a more in-depth storyline may wish it had more.

Final Verdict

The game Stellar Blade has two distinct personalities. It has a gorgeous setting and amazing action gameplay, but the story and RPG aspects are unimpressive. Stellar Blade is unquestionably something to think about if you’re searching for a pure action fix. Still, you might want to seek elsewhere if you’re looking for a gripping story to go along with the surge of adrenaline.

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Rock-Solid CombatWeak Story
Gorgeous VisualsUninspired RPG Elements
Exploration IncentivesBacktracking Frustration


A single-player action game with RPG components is called Stellar Blade. It is centered on close quarters fighting with an emphasis on accurate defense and counterattacks.

One of the game’s poorer elements is thought to be the plot. It’s hard to empathize with the characters because they are shallow and predictable.

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