South Park: Snow Day Review – PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

From Stick of Truth to Slushy Mess
South Park: Snow Day Review
Initial release date: March 26, 2024
Developer: Question
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer


In March 2024, a new video game set in the crazy world of South Park called South Park: Snow Day was released, promising a cooperative adventure unlike anything players had ever played before. Despite this grand attempt at a different approach, the game ends up being repetitive, uninspired, and completely unfunny.

A Steep Drop from Previous Games

The reviewer, who has always loved South Park, starts off by complaining about how much the game has declined in quality from the critically acclaimed role-playing games The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole, which were both made by Obsidian Entertainment. Fans were treated to an entertaining and funny journey, perfectly encapsulating the show’s trademark dark humor and bizarre circumstances.

Disappointment on All Fronts

South Park: Snow Day falls short in every way. Combating waves of monsters with a repetitive and tiresome hack-and-slash style is the main gameplay loop. The dull weapons and abilities, difficult and inaccurate controls, and a lack of variety in enemies are all criticized by the reviewer. The reviewer found the five short levels easy even on the toughest difficulty, which lessened the effort even further.

Missing the Mark on Humor

The total lack of South Park’s trademark comedy is one of the game’s most worrying features. The show’s signature outlandish scenarios, gory events, and incisive societal commentary are absent. The reviewer emphasizes this point by bringing up standout scenes from The Stick of Truth, such as Mr. Slave’s colon exploration, and expressing shock at how subdued Snow Day feels in contrast.

Bland Story and Characters

Snow Day’s plot is unmemorable and one-dimensional. On a snow day, the South Park gang chooses to carry on with their imaginary exploits, although this time, they’re up against first-graders instead of aliens or superheroes. The characters themselves, who are renowned for having bizarre personalities, are rather subdued. Although he makes a few appearances, Randy Marsh—typically a source of outlandish antics—lacks his signature edge. Even the show’s resident villain, Cartman, behaves himself in an oddly kind manner.

Glimmer of Hope - The Card System

The sole redeeming feature of the game, according to the reviewer, is the upgradeable card system. Gamers gather cards that let them customize their playstyle and provide passive advantages. This intriguing mechanism is ill-executed, though. Because the levels are brief and the cards expire, creating a significant build is useless. Enemy cards also prolong battles, which makes the already tiresome conflict even more boring.

Horde Mode Makes it Worse

Everything that is wrong with Snow Day is amplified in the free DLC horde mode. There is no plot or comedy; instead, players face wave after wave of opponents in an arena environment. It’s a painful experience that reveals every weakness in the fighting system in this format.

A Missed Opportunity

Although the reviewer accepts that the creator tried something different, they feel that it falls flat. Though innovation is valued, it shouldn’t be sacrificed for the comedy, captivating gameplay, and accurate retelling of the original story that made the prior South Park games so popular.


The reviewer strongly advises against wasting time viewing South Park: Snow Day, even for die-hard fans of the show. The game’s humor, challenge, or engaging gameplay will not appeal to gamers. It’s a far cry from the quality of previous South Park games and a heartbreaking reminder of what may have been.

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It’s a cooperative 3D hack-and-slash game where you fight enemies alongside friends.

t falls short. Previous titles like “The Stick of Truth” were praised for their humor and RPG elements. Snow Day lacks humor and has repetitive gameplay.

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