Sons of Valhalla Review – Microsoft Windows (PC)

A Viking Adventure Steeped in Strategy and Glitches

Sons of Valhalla Review


With a combination of base building, tactical combat, and exploration, Sons of Valhalla immerses you in a world of Viking conquest and challenges you to rebuild your life and reclaim your honor. Despite its shortcomings, the game provides an engaging experience, so let’s take a closer look at Sons of Valhalla and see if it deserves a spot in your library.

A Viking's Revenge

You take on the role of Thorald Olavson in the game, a Viking out for revenge. The Gods give you another opportunity after they assault your community and kidnap your loved one. You start off for England with a burning desire for vengeance and a magical utility belt, determined to destroy the forces who have wronged you.

Building Your Base, Building Your Army

There is a fair range of troop types in the game, from agile archers to massive berserkers. You can alter the composition of your army to suit your preferred style of play, whether it is harsh close-quarters fighting or long-range strikes.

There is a fair range of troop types in the game, from agile archers to massive berserkers. You can alter the composition of your army to suit your preferred style of play, whether it is harsh close-quarters fighting or long-range strikes.

Tactical Combat with a Divine Twist

In Sons of Valhalla, combat occurs in real time. With direct control over your avatar, you can launch sword attacks, avoid opposing strikes, and deflect incoming missiles with your shield. As an alternative, you can give orders to your soldiers, guiding their actions and movements.

Combat is enhanced by the utility belt stated before. Throughout your trip, you will gather runes, which you may then imbue into your belt to grant special skills and upgrades. These can do anything from strengthen your strikes to increase your health. There’s a catch, though: as a punishment for losing a battle, you must sacrifice a rune to the gods. By include a risk-reward component, this system encourages you to use your skills strategically.

It can be punishingly difficult, especially for anyone who aren’t familiar with this genre. Fortunately, there is a beginner mode in the game that lets you practice before going full speed ahead.

A World of Exploration and Variety

You are not limited by Sons of Valhalla to your base. You’ll travel through exquisitely rendered pixel art landscapes and discover various parts of England. The visuals and obstacles in each environment are distinctive, which keeps the gameplay interesting.

To break up the monotony, the game occasionally throws some curveballs. While sporadic stealth parts provide a change of pace, boss bouts test your combat prowess (albeit their execution might not be for everyone).

A Feast for the Senses (Mostly)

One of Sons of Valhalla’s best features is the soundtrack. With a blend of drums, wind instruments, and strings that change depending on the setting and gameplay scenario, the soundtrack is evocative and engrossing. While most of the sound effects are good, some might not blend in quite right with the visual aesthetic.

In terms of the looks, the backgrounds and surroundings have incredibly amazing pixel art. The environment the developers have created is visually engaging thanks to their amazing use of color, layering, and textures. Some players, nevertheless, could be baffled by the character design choices. The general notion of a battle-hardened Viking seeking vengeance is somewhat at odds with the more childlike aesthetic of the pixel graphics for humans and gods.

Performance Concerns and Technical Hiccups

Although Sons of Valhalla has a striking visual style, there are several performance issues. There are sporadic frame rate reductions in the game, particularly on the Steam Deck. There are also a few problems and anomalies, such as crashes during pauses and unbeatable foes that obstruct your path. These problems can be annoying and take away from the whole experience.

Conclusion: Wait for the Update

Sons of Valhalla might develop into a really interesting strategic game. While base building, tactical fighting, and exploration make up the primary gameplay loop, the divine rune system provides a distinctive touch. But the game is hindered by some dubious design decisions and technical issues.

Sons of Valhalla is a strategy game that may be worth checking out if you’re an avid player and can put up with a few bugs. However, it’s best to wait for the developers to release a patch or two to iron out any technological issues for a more seamless experience. Sons of Valhalla has the potential to be a better title, deserving of a higher rating with little refinement. It receives a bronze medal in the interim, but proceed with caution.

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Sons of Valhalla is a blend of strategy, base building, and real-time tactical combat. You build a Viking village, train soldiers, and lead them into battle against your enemies.

The game can experience frame rate drops, especially on the Steam Deck. Bugs and glitches, like crashes and invincible enemies, are also present.

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