Ready or Not Review

Ready or not review


Although Ready or Not has generated a lot of buzz since its Early Access launch, the final release elevates it to a completely new plane. Void Interactive’s creation is a real treasure that demonstrates their commitment to providing a superb tactical shooter experience and serves as a correction for earlier Early Access setbacks.

Gameplay Bliss

With the goal of freeing hostages and eliminating the bad guys, Ready or Not puts you in charge of a five-person SWAT unit. This is a tactical experience for the thinking person, not your average military shooter. The game offers a variety of engaging scenarios with every playtime, whether you go for an all-American guns-blazing strategy or subtle tactics reminiscent of European police forces.

Tools of the Trade

You are equipped with a wide range of tools throughout the game, including lock picks, riot shields, flashbangs, and devices like the “Op Tool” for stealthy room peeks. Your loadout decisions are significant and offer a level of strategy similar to that of choosing players for a football game. Its dynamic and adaptable toolkit guarantees that each assignment feels new.

AI Upgrade

The redesigned AI is one of the most notable enhancements in the complete release. Coworkers were as naive as visitors to a foreign city in Early Access, but today they demonstrate tactical skill. Redesigned to strategically clear rooms, the AI greatly improves the single-player experience.

Team Management Mastery

Like in the old SWAT games, leading your SWAT team is essential. You can assemble your team by clicking a button and protecting important places, skillfully breaching, or stacking behind doors. Every operation is now a masterfully staged spectacle thanks to the redesigned squad dynamics, which also increase the suspense and thrill.

Enemy Engagement and Shootouts

The focus of Ready or Not is on strategic interactions. Shootouts are harsh but not irrational; shouting for compliance is essential. Rather than treating firearms like toys, the game emphasizes the tools at your disposal and promotes order and precision.

Wishes and Desires

As impressive as the game is, some wishes remain. Larger landscapes can be intimidating for single players; dynamic entry locations and more options for assistance would improve gameplay. More immersive commentary and the option to turn down the power for night vision settings are desired features.

Graphics and Atmosphere

With its somber and ominous visual direction, the images in Ready or Not are a masterwork. Players must adjust by using flashlights or night vision because the rain and lighting contribute to the realism. The painstakingly crafted levels add to the replayability, despite the full release’s noticeable FPS choppiness.

Immersive Sound Design

A notable element is the sound design, which has excellent quality, distinctive rifle sounds, and realistic details. In addition to its furious gameplay, Ready or Not offers an eargasmic experience with everything from loud explosions to subdued moments of stress.

Controversy Clarified

Ready or Not presents real-world circumstances while taking a serious stance in addressing certain scenarios’ controversies. Players are identified as the good people in the game, and there are penalties for any deviation, underscoring the mature nature of the material.

Conclusion - A Sleeper Hit

Beyond all expectations, Ready or Not emerges as the year’s sleeper hit, assuming the mantle of SWAT 4’s greatest tactical shooter. The game provides a sophisticated and captivating experience that appeals to both experts and novices alike, despite a few missing elements. A feast for the senses awaits you when it comes to gaming.

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Ready or Not is a tactical shooter game developed by Void Interactive, placing players in the role of a SWAT team member on missions to rescue hostages and take down criminals.

Unlike typical military shooters, Ready or Not emphasizes strategic thinking and diverse approaches, allowing players to choose between stealthy infiltration or a more aggressive, guns-blazing playstyle.

 The release of Ready or Not is a Steam exclusive and you can only play it on PC. Right now no announcement has been made regarding to consoles but in future developers are looking towards it.

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