Princess Peach Showtime Review – Nintendo Switch

Princess Peach Showtime Review
Princess Peach: Showtime! is a 2024 action-adventure game developed by Good-Feel and published by Nintendo.
Initial release date: March 22, 2024
Developer: Good-Feel
Platform: Nintendo Switch


Princess Peach has long been a mainstay in the Mushroom Kingdom, but she was frequently reduced to the role of a damsel in distress who needed Mario’s help to save her. Fortunately, those days appear to be behind us as Princess Peach: Showtime is a delightful new spin-off game that offers the beloved princess a chance to take center stage.

A Whole New World

Showtime is fully set inside the Sparkle Theater, a bustling gathering spot for both theatergoers and actors, in contrast to other adventures that mostly depended on well-known Mario themes. The developers are able to completely embrace a delightful stage play style because of this unique environment. With its hand-built wooden backgrounds, puppet ropes holding opponents aloft, and stages that rotate 180 degrees to give the impression of entering a new area, each level has the effect of a painstakingly constructed set. It always serves as a reminder that you are watching a theatrical production, which gives the whole thing an air of wonder and whimsy.

A Princess of Many Talents

I mean, Peach is the true star of the show. Mario’s waiting days are over. With a range of outfits that bestow upon her special skills, Peach steals the show in Showtime. She takes on the guise of ten different personas throughout the game, each with a unique gameplay mechanic.

  •  Kung Fu Peach: Unleash your inner fighter and defeat adversaries in exhilarating single-player battles that resemble interactive cutscenes.
  • Detective Peach: Don your thinking cap and solve mysteries by questioning questionable witnesses and searching crime scenes for clues.
  • Ninja Peach: Adopt a life of stealth, dodging adversaries with covert takedowns while disguising oneself.
  • Dashing Thief Peach: Embrace your inner Robin Hood as you grapple across rooftops and get around obstacles with your reliable whip.
  • Mermaid Peach: Use your siren song to solve riddles and gather musical notes while diving deep beneath the surface.
  • Patisserie Peach: In this entertaining minigame, you compete against the clock to create flawless cake decorations. Let your inner baker loose.
  • Figure Skater Peach: In this minigame with a rhythm component, glide elegantly over the ice, pulling off tricks and gathering points.
  • Cowgirl Peach: In a traditional Wild West pursuit scene, round up shy guys.
  • Epic Mighty Peach: In a gripping combat evoking memories of Little Shop of Horrors, grow to enormous proportions and face off against monstrous foes.

These alterations substantially modify the gameplay style; they’re not just superficial adjustments. You could be grappling over rooftops as the Dashing Thief one moment and solving crimes as Detective Peach the next. Because of this variety, there’s always something new to find, which keeps the experience interesting and engaging.

A Celebration of Gaming Genres

Showtime is a celebration of several video game genres rather than just an occasion to dress up. Every one of Peach’s metamorphoses deftly modifies a well-known gaming mechanic, making it approachable for beginners while paying homage to long-time players.

For instance, the Cowgirl Peach level transports the player back to the era of side-scrolling shooters, while the Detective Peach sections bring back memories of vintage point-and-click adventures. This lighthearted nod to other gaming genres is a nice touch that gives the experience even more dimension.

A Show with a Few Hiccups

Princess Peach: Showtime has its share of problems despite being a sweet and entertaining experience overall. The absence of a chapter pick option is the main problem. Levels can be very long, frequently going over ten minutes, including sequences and conversation that cannot be skipped. This makes going back to certain stages to look for missed items a laborious task. The game also experiences a few technical glitches. There are occasionally frame rate stutters, especially during action-packed scenes or cutscenes. These performance problems aren’t fatal, although they can be annoying occasionally.


Despite its minor shortcomings, Princess Peach: Showtime is a delightful and engaging adventure. The charming theatrical setting, coupled with the variety of gameplay styles offered by Peach’s transformations, makes for a truly unique experience. It’s clear that Nintendo is finally giving Peach the chance to shine, and this is a promising start to what could be an ongoing spin-off series. Here’s hoping that future installments address the technical issues and offer a more robust completionist experience. But for now, Princess Peach: Showtime is a charming and entertaining romp that proves the princess is more than just a damsel in distress. She’s a star waiting to be discovered.

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Princess Peach: Showtime is a charming action-adventure game with platforming and puzzle-solving elements. It takes inspiration from various video game genres, offering a taste of everything from detective games to rhythm games.

If you’re looking for a charming and lighthearted adventure with a unique theatrical theme, then Princess Peach: Showtime is definitely worth checking out. The variety of gameplay styles and the delightful presentation make it a fun experience for both newcomers and fans of the Mario universe.

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