Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Review


Embracing the legendary Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in 2003 was the beginning of an adventure through several sequels that never quite achieved the same heights. After the show went through a dry stretch in the 2010s, viewers yearned for a return. Presenting Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a 2D Metroidvania that explores new ground while masterfully preserving the spirit of the beloved Prince of Persia games.

Reviving Classic Elements

The Lost Crown skillfully combines fighting with platforming in a two-dimensional perspective, combining the cherished aspects of the Prince of Persia series. This redesign honors the 1989 original while providing accurate controls and a novel interpretation of the series’ fundamental principles.

A Familiar Yet New Adventure

The Lost Crown delves into a brand-new narrative influenced by Persian mythology while preserving the alluring fundamentals of acrobatic exploration in a dangerous setting. In order to save the kidnapped Prince of Persia, players take on the role of Sargon, the youngest and brazenest of the Immortals. The story opens with interesting characters and a gripping protagonist, but it periodically falters in terms of delivery and specifics.

Engaging Combat with a Stylish Flair

One of The Lost Crown’s best features is the combat, which combines style, quick thinking, and speed. Sargon’s skills, which are similar to Devil May Cry and SEO combined, push players to establish and sustain combos, which adds excitement to each encounter. In particular, boss battles highlight the conflict of god-like beings, giving the game a tough and dramatic touch.

Platforming Excellence in a 2D Gauntlet

The Lost Crown’s platforming features shine because to well-known but masterfully implemented skills. The game follows Metroidvania conventions, like grappling, double jumps, and airborne dashes, all while offering difficult level designs. A fast respawn system takes the role of the time-rewinding ability, enabling players to correct mistakes without breaking the action.

Exploring the Enchanting World of Mount Cof

The game’s main location, Mount Cof, has a lot of interesting and unique places. Though the Metroidvania formula remains unaltered, the level design presents an array of varied difficulties and impediments. With a creative picture system that adds found things to the map, the game promotes exploration and reduces the need for lengthy searches.

Untapped Potential of Time-Based Themes

Though The Lost Crown has a great idea of a broken flow of time, it sometimes fails to adequately explore this theme. While there are references to characters interacting with different Immortals, the game doesn’t go into great detail about these intriguing concepts. A few missing possibilities in side tasks and a few plot gaps somewhat take away from the overall experience.

Satisfying Conclusion with Minor Potholes

Though the interconnected world of Mount Cof may force players to miss events or encounter them slightly out of order, the trek through The Lost Crown ends on a pleasant conclusion. The story may leave a few loose ends due to a few unresolved secondary characters and persistent plot flaws.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown creatively embraces a 2D viewpoint while masterfully capturing the spirit of the beloved Sands of Time. Sargon’s Journey is a deserving heir to the Prince of Persia tradition, featuring crisp controls, entertaining combat, and an elegant design. aficionados of the series and aficionados of Metroidvania should not miss this game because of its overall execution and dedication to its chosen approach, even though the story may falter at points.

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“Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” is a 2D Metroidvania game that reimagines the classic Prince of Persia series. It combines platforming and combat elements within a 2D perspective, deviating from the 3D action style of its predecessors.

Unlike the 3D action games that followed “The Sands of Time,” The Lost Crown adopts a 2D viewpoint. It retains the series’ core mechanics while introducing new elements, offering precise controls and a fresh take on the Prince of Persia legacy.

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