Pokemon Scarlet and Voilet: The Indigo Disk Review

Pokemon Scarlet and Voilet: The Indigo Disk DLC Review
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Introduction: A Chaotic Ninth Generation Journey

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the first games in the ninth generation of the franchise, feature a completely open world with nonlinear objectives, sending fans on a wild adventure. Although these games brought the fantasy of a monster-filled journey to life, there were numerous technical glitches that made for a lackluster clapping instead of a standing ovation. These issues were not adequately addressed by the initial DLC, which included the unsatisfactory Teal Mask expansion, or by several post-launch upgrades. Now that the Indigo Disk—the last DLC for Pokemon’s ambitious ninth generation—has been released, let’s examine whether this improves the game as a whole.

Indigo Disk's Storyline

The Indigo Disk takes place at Blueberry Academy, an artificial island off the coast of the Unova region of Pokemon Black and White. Players fill in the narrative void left by the Teal Mask DLC by continuing the story of twins Kieran and Carmine as exchange students. Reviews for the campaign are varied, nevertheless, with some criticizing Kieran’s artificial narrative and the inconsistent storytelling between the two DLCs in particular.

Exploration and Challenges in the Terrarium

The Indigo Disk’s terrarium, a sizable self-contained Safari Zone separated into four biomes, is its main attraction. The terrarium is praised for its varied landmarks, compact settings, and limited Pokemon populations—a contrast to Scarlet and Violet’s world design. Discovering the terrarium reveals surprises at every turn, including more unusual settings and dark caverns home to electric spiders.

Blueberry Quests: Rewards and BP System

The Indigo Disk’s tale can be finished, and then players can access Blueberry Quests (BBQs). Players receive Blueberry Points (BP) for doing these quick activities, which include catching Pokemon or taking pictures of them in particular biomes. Some prizes are ornamental, but the more worthwhile ones are inviting Gym Leaders for story talks and rematches, as well as unlocking new Pokemon for the terrarium.

Co-op Feature

The Co-op feature for Scarlet and Violet, which at last finds use in the Indigo Disk, is a huge upgrade. Through participating in and earning BP from one another’s BBQs, players can access exclusive group tasks that lead to more substantial rewards. This update brings new life to cooperative gaming, providing a fun and strategic experience.

Technical Issues

Though the Indigo Disk has many positive aspects, its main drawback is that it is an add-on for a game that has a lot of glitches. Lag, model pop-ins, and inconsistent frame rates all occur during online raids, which detracts from the overall experience. The recently introduced ability to fly over the entire area only serves to highlight how haphazardly the game was put together.


To sum up, the Indigo Disk is an excellent DLC that features fun activities, tough battles, and an intriguing terrarium to explore. It is however restricted to a game that still has bugs more than a year later. If you can get past these issues, the Indigo Disk offers a fulfilling expansion of the Pokemon experience in the ninth generation, demonstrating the open-world potential of the game.

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The Indigo Disc is set at Blueberry Academy, a human-made island off the coast of Pokémon Black and White’s Unova region. Players become exchange students and continue the story of siblings Kieran and Carmine.

Yes, the terrarium in the Indigo Disc is filled with new Pokémon not found in Scarlet and Violet. Players can discover and catch these Pokémon as they explore the diverse biomes.

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