Phantom Fury Review – A Retro Shooter Plagued by Bugs?

A Retro Shooter Plagued by Bugs?

Phantom Fury Review


With Phantom Fury, a brand-new shooter with a retro aesthetic, hopes to revive the excitement of vintage first-person shooters. Is it, however, worth the hype? This review delves deeply into the positives and negatives of the game, examining its level design, combat, variety of enemies, and the crucial query: is it worth your money?

A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Phantom Fury’s images transport the viewer to the early 2000s. It adopts an original style, using 3D models with pixelated textures and a lesser resolution than previous releases’ blocky sprites. The game has a unique appearance thanks to this style, which makes it seem like a well-polished remake of your favorite vintage shooter.

The game’s universe is described by the reviewer as being quite dynamic, letting you play arcade games, fly helicopters, and communicate with computers. This enhances the level of immersion that certain older shooters could be missing.

Weapon Variety and Upgrades

With more than 20 weapons in its arsenal, Phantom Fury has something for everyone, with fan favorites like Bowling Bombs and brand-new weaponry like armor-piercing shotguns and electrified foam launchers. Upgrades that change the firing modes of these weapons allow you to further customize them and use a range of tactics in battle.

The player character has access to a bionic arm with special skills in addition to the weaponry. These skills, which include an electromagnetic shield and a potent punch attack, give the gameplay even more strategic depth.

Enemy Types and Challenge

The adversary kinds appear a little underdeveloped, despite the remarkable diversity of weapons. The reviewer saw repulsive mutants, scary warriors, and vicious cyborgs, but just a small number of adversary varieties.

Another thing to criticize is the AI of the enemy. They are predictable and readily exploited, according to the critic, which makes the conflict less difficult than it could be. The gameplay may become monotonous due to the AI’s lack of variety and intelligence.

Level Design and Exploration

It’s not always a terrible thing, but the reviewer discovered that Phantom Fury’s level design is primarily linear. Still, the absence of waypoints and the existence of undiscovered surprises are what keep exploration intriguing. Phantom Fury will pay off for players who like exploring new places in search of hidden treasures.

Timed jumps and the requirement for exact investigation to reveal mysteries are also mentioned by the reviewer. Players that relish the challenge of learning movement mechanics and discovering hidden material may find this appealing.

Bugs and Performance Issues

Regretfully, Phantom Fury’s technical problems appear to be its greatest flaw. Numerous faults were found by the reviewer, ranging from physics errors to problems with weapon upgrades. These glitches might be annoying and take away from the overall enjoyment.

Final Verdict

Phantom Fury has the makings of a fantastic throwback shooting game. A strong base is provided by the upgrading system, variety of weapons, and exploration-focused level design. But the game is severely hindered by the poor AI of the enemies and the numerous flaws. Although there were some genuine moments of enjoyment, the reviewer comes to the conclusion that Phantom Fury is not recommended in its current version due to technical concerns.

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The GoodThe Bad
Nostalgic VibesBuggy and Unpolished
Exploration FocusedWeak Enemy AI
Weapon VarietyLimited Enemy Variety
Bionic Arm UtilityLinear Level Design
Interactive EnvironmentsNot for Everyone


Phantom Fury is a first-person shooter inspired by classic titles like Half-Life and Sin. It features retro-style visuals, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and interactive environments to explore.

Depending on how much you can stand bugs. You might enjoy yourself if you’re a fan of classic shooters and don’t mind technological issues. However, waiting for problem patches can make sense if you’d rather have a polished experience.

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