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Pepper Grinder Review
Pepper Grinder is an action-adventure video game developed by indie developer Ahr Ech and published by Devolver Digital.


A powerful drill is strapped onto your hand in Pepper Grinder, a novel spin on the 2D platformer genre that takes you on an exciting journey around a mystery island. The adventure itself is a little short, but it more than makes up for it with its lightning-fast pace, wide range of obstacles, and plenty of explosive mayhem.

A Grind You'll Actually Enjoy

In the instance of Pepper Grinder, the term “non-stop grind” is a badge of pride rather than a derogatory one. You take control of Pepper, a young child who wakes up on an unusual island home to Narlings, animals that resemble narwhals. She finds a strong drill after tumbling into a tunnel, and that’s when the game sends you into an endless drilling frenzy.

Like a gas-powered groundhog, you will stomp through sand and mud and emerge at your foes’ feet, greeting them with a spicier than usual welcome thanks to your drill. While you’re digging beneath suspended sections of earth, the momentum-based movement is reminiscent to Sega’s iconic Ecco the Dolphin, only instead of surfing across water.

Even though the game’s basic idea may be reminiscent of earlier games, Pepper Grinder makes its own unique mark thanks to the wide range of obstacles it presents across its stages. It’s possible that you will be assisting a friendly behemoth reach higher levels one minute, and then engaging in daring underwater drills to kill enemy vessels that are heavily armed the next.

More Than Just Drilling

The way Pepper Grinder continuously changes the drill-based gameplay is what makes it so beautiful. Gaining access to a grappling hook will enable you to skim across waterways like a sharpened stone or swing across platforms. To keep things fresh, the game also includes some strong attachments.

A powerful drill-powered mech suit allows you to destroy structures and stomp on adversaries with destructive joy, while a machine gun attachment lets you unleash a thrilling burst of destruction reminiscent of the Contra era. The battle gains a layer of surprise and strategic depth from these additions, which are applied infrequently enough to feel like exceptional gifts.

Similar to how you may take control of Lakitu’s cloud in Super Mario Bros., Pepper Grinder allows you to take control of enemy vehicles and have some wild fun. I can still picture my smile, a wicked thrill that I had decades ago, when I first grabbed a Garling out of his snowmobile and seized over.

Smart Controls and Enemy Variety

The cleverly simplified controls of Pepper Grinder make it simple to pick up and play. Drilling, firing, and level-navigating will all be as easy as pressing a few buttons and pulling on the appropriate trigger. The diversity of the enemies is remarkable, keeping you alert as you come across fresh dangers along your journey.

Boss Battles: A Mixed Bag

The boss battles are a little disappointing, even though the common foes offer a solid challenge. The whole game consists of just four monster confrontations, and despite their visual uniqueness, their attack patterns are easily avoided. That is a different story, though, with the last boss. You have to use both skill and luck to survive because of its huge area-of-effect assaults, which makes for an exciting and difficult ending.

A Compact Adventure

Pepper Grinder is a succinct encounter. I finished the main campaign in around three hours. Although the game’s briefness makes sure it doesn’t drag on too long, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that there weren’t a few more zones to explore. Though stunning, the settings adhere to the standard platforming cliches: lava-filled zones and icy ice kingdoms. It would have been fantastic to see the developer provide some genuinely unusual settings and push the boundaries a little bit farther.

Replaying for Perfection

There are reasons to return to Pepper Grinder once the credits have rolled, despite the brief campaign. Five skull coins are hidden in each level, and you may use these to access additional levels in the store. Some of the highlights of the game are these extra levels, which present special challenges that put your timing and platforming abilities to the test.

There’s hardly much to spend your hard-earned money and gems on outside of the bonus levels. Although superficial cosmetics are available for purchase, they don’t improve gameplay in any way. The absence of significant incentives for exploration deterred me from going back to complete stages and gathering missing items.

But the true treasure is the Time Attack mode, which you may unlock after finishing the campaign. These time-based tasks with metal need extreme accuracy and drilling mechanical competence. Pepper Grinder excels in achieving the ideal flow state while pursuing the best moments.


Although Pepper Grinder is a brief event, it has a significant impact. Exploration and destruction are delightfully combined in the power-up arsenal, the stages are varied, and drilling through platforms is really enjoyable. With the exception of the last boss battle, which might be more difficult, and with no substantial post-game material, Pepper Grinder is an excellent option for anyone looking for a quick fix of inventive, action-packed platforming.

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Pepper Grinder is a 2D action-adventure platformer where you take control of a young girl named Pepper, wielding a high-powered drill. You’ll drill through platforms, battle enemies, and explore a mysterious island.

Absolutely! Carving your way through dirt and sand with the drill feels great, and the momentum-based movement adds a unique twist to platforming.

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