OnePlus Open Review

Friends, what is OnePlus doing in 2023? They’ve pleasantly surprised me again! We’ve got the OnePlus Open’s box & I’m slowly going into the fan mode. I was a big fan of OnePlus in 2017, 2018, 2019 & then afterwards they went downhill. But 2023 is the year of redemption! You’ll know what I’m talking about when I open the OnePlus .

OnePlus Open Unboxing

It’s a right up front phone & as soon as you take the foldable phone in your hand. It doesn’t feel like a foldable phone. It’s like a normal candy bar as it’s light. You expect a foldable phone to be heavy in your hand, but not this one. First of all, the case is there. It’s made of the same material, vegan leather. There are a lot of stickers, a sim card tool, documentation & a red club card. And then find more benefits, like notes. So there’s a lot of documentation, so do read it when you buy it. And then there’s a USB Type A to Type C charging cable. That’s about it. The feel of this foldable phone is very different. 

OnePlus Open Design

OnePlus Open Design It’s a little wide & if you compare it with the other most popular foldable phones, then this is more usable as it’s very narrow, not this one. As soon as you hold it, you can feel the lightness. This weights around 245 G, surprised. If you compare it with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s around 240 G. It feels light in the hand, even though the camera module is very big. There should be some heaviness at the front, but the weight distribution is good. At the back, there’s a vegan leather finish. And the finish of the case is also exactly the same. So even after putting the case, the looks won’t change. There’s an alert slider inside, I’d say it has just the right amount of resistance. You can open it with 1 hand for that you just have to open it from the other side.

Folding the Future: Exploring the OnePlus Open Foldable Innovation
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OnePlus Open Build Quality

 Alright, as I’m going to go near the ports & buttons, but I have to drop this phone. There’s a ceramic guard & OnePlus claims that it’s 20% stronger compared to the normal Gorilla Glass Victus and on the inside, there’s a 3 layer coating, UTG, TPU & an anti-glare coating. So we’ll drop it, no matter what! Let’s do this! 1, 2, & 3! Bounce! That’s a bounce! Ok, there’s an OIS sound. And let’s drop it again. I’m going to do this. Let’s see. 1, 2, & 3! That’s bad! Seriously, it’s dropped very badly. Nothing has happened to the phone. The hinge is working perfectly fine. Everything is in place. It feels exactly the same. Let’s drop it now. Huh? That’s enough! It’s telling me to drop it from the back as well. Let’s drop it now. 1, 2, & 3! It’s not like JerryRig, but this is an intense drop test! I think this blog is going to be long as I’m going to tell you everything. And there are so many things to tell you so, let’s get into it

OnePlus Open Ports and Buttons

There’s a speaker grill, microphone, sim card tray, USB Type C, another speaker grill. On the right hand side, there’s a power on off button & volume rocker. Power on off is also a side mounted fingerprint sensor. On the top, there’s a noise cancelling microphone. Then you have 2 speaker grills. And on the left hand side, there’s an alert slider. The alert slider is back! I love it! There’s an IR blaster here. And the 3rd mic is on the camera body. There’s a sim card tray. By the way, there’s only 1 variant with 16GB RAM & 512GB RAM. So there’s no dedicated SD card. You have dual nano sim cards.

OnePlus Open Display

Once you open it, when you look at the display, it’s probably the best display! Not just on the fold, but on any phone! The display on the outside is a 6.31” 120Hz AMOLED display. And I’ll tell you what, the cover display goes from 10Hz to 120Hz. The display on the inside goes upto 1Hz. So there’s an adaptive refresh rate of 1Hz-120Hz. There’s Dolby Vision support. And there’s a 2K display on the inside as well. So there’s a great resolution! And the cover display is more useful because it has an aspect ratio of 20-9 which is normal for tall phones. So it’s exactly like any other phone. So you can do 100% things on it. And think about it, it’s a 2K AMOLED display with 120Hz. What else do you need? You can obviously play games & more! And the display on the inside, it’s a 7.82” 2K display & it’s square with 1.07-1 aspect ratio. It’s a square display. But wow! Is this a display or a joke? I’ve seen an issue with foldable phones, there’s a lot of glare. But this has an anti-glare coating & both these displays are extremely bright in terms of brightness. Peak brightness is 2800 nits on the front & back. This is the highest brightness on any phone. And there is Pro XDR feature on the camera. The display looks so bright! It’s a 10bit display & you get 1440Hz PWM dimming. So your eyes won’t have a problem if you’re looking at it in low light. It has Dolby Vision & HDR10+. So everything is packed in this display. It has the right amount of resistance. This is a no gap hinge display. It’s important to test the paper in the foldable, whether it stays or not. I guess it won’t stay. Let’s see. No. It’s a no gap display, but due to the extra weight, it’s not picking up. Let’s see. No. It’s not that much, but it’s a no gap display. Dust particles won’t go inside. It’s IPX4 certified, not IPX8, but IPX4. So it’s a little water resistant.

source : Amazon
source : Amazon

OnePlus Open Specification

It comes on Qualcomm SD 8th Gen 2. It has 16GB LPDDR5X RAM. It has UFS 4.0 Storage Type. It’s 16512GB. It has a 4805mAh battery. It has an 80W brick battery with 67W charging. It charges from 0-100% in 43 minutes only on a foldable phone. And we have been using it continuously for the past 5-6 days. We were jumping that the battery lasts for 6-7 hours screen on time. So it’s an excellent battery. Remember, it’s a big display & when you use a big display, it consumes more battery. But this one will last you through the day. No problems at all. They got a 6-6.5 hour screen on time. And I think for a foldable phone, that’s great. You’ll easily get 1 day battery life. No problems. And the biggest problem in other folds is the slow charging. Not with this one. It’s the fastest charging foldable phone with 67W. It charges from 0-100% in 43 minutes. But there’s 1 thing & I think it should have been the wireless charging.

Key Features

Extraordinary Materials

Dual ProXDR Displays

Main Camera with OIS 48MP SONY LYT-T800

Minimum Crease Maximum Smooth

Multi-spatial Speakers

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 

OxygenOS 13.2

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OnePlus Open Performance

The gaming performance is next level. If I talk about the Genshin Impact, we got 57-58FPS continuously. If I talk about COD Mobile, we got 120FPS. And in PUBG, we got 90FPS. And that too on highest settings medium & ultra settings, and in New State, we got 90FPS in Ultra graphics. I mean, it’s absolutely great. It’s not just the performance. On paper, it’s the highest scoring fold. Antutu scored above 1.5M in version 10 which is excellent! And there’s a reason for that. Along with the processor, there’s 16GB RAM & 512GB storage. So excellent performance, absolutely no problem .

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OnePlus Open OS UI

 But more than the performance, the tuning that OnePlus has done. I mean, it has all the tablet features. For multitasking, you can literally open 3 windows & work. And they work flawlessly. Many brands try to optimize, but there’s always a bug. We didn’t find a single bug in this one. You get a taskbar at the bottom & you can access recent apps from here. The app drawer is here & you can see the recent documents. The optimization that OnePlus has done, I mean kudos to OnePlus for that, loved using the OS. The interaction & haptic feedback! It’s just fun using this phone! And there are 4 years major updates, so you get Android 13 out of the box, 14, 15, 16 & 17. And there are 5 years security updates. I’m not sure if there’s a stylus support at this point. And the OnePlus apps are natively made for tablets. Meaning if you open the calculator app or the photos app, it’s well tuned for the big screen. So it’s great! It has 16GB physical RAM & 12GB virtual RAM. So it’s a 28GB phone.

OnePlus Open Multimedia

It has 3 speakers, and there’s spatial audio support, not just on the headphones. Yes, the actual speakers give you that spatial audio experience. So for multimedia, this is the best phone! There’s no question, the best display & best audio equals the best multimedia experience. Now for multimedia, there’s Dolby Vision support on Netflix, HDR10+. But the Dolby Vision & the audio is great! I mean, this is an ideal device to consume multimedia.

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OnePlus Open Connectivity

 It has Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, IR Blaster & 19 5G bands. So it’s going to run globally. Everything is top notch in connectivity. It has all the sensors like side mounted fingerprint sensor, face unlock etc.

OnePlus Open Camera

There are 5 cameras in total. There’s a rear triple camera setup, then there’s one in the front & then there’s another sensor inside. So there are 5 cameras in total. Specs, you get 48MP x 64MP x 48MP rear camera, 64MP telephoto camera, 48MP ultrawide camera. And the 48MP primary sensor is the Lydia T808. Basically, they’re made for foldables. It takes up less space & gives better performance. And the selfie sensor on the cover display is 32MP. And the selfie sensor on the main display is 20MP. And the primary sensor has OIS. The periscope has 3x optical zoom & the hybrid zoom is 6x. Alright, there are a lot of features & I’m going to talk at length. If you go extreme in zoom, it goes upto 120X. But you won’t get a good output at 120X, but you can go upto 120X, and it has the expand mode of Hasselblad. And there are 2 selfies & you can use the rear camera as a selfie. That’s excellent! You can take a lot of photos in the wild. In videography, you can shoot 4K 60FPS with the rear camera. And the front cover display is 4K 30FPS. And you can shoot videos in Dolby Vision, which is capped at 4K 30FPS, so you get a high dynamic range. And friends, I told you about the Pro XDR at the start of this blog. I mean, when you click a photo on this display & click on the Pro XDR. Wow! I mean, that’s a different experience altogether. There’s the Pro mode & you can shoot videos in LOG. You can shoot professional videos. But overall, I’d say the camera can have a little bit of improvement. Like when you shoot in HDR, you get a halo effect. But this is the 1st fold from OnePlus & for that, I’d say the camera is definitely above average. And I’m hoping that with the updates, because the setup & specs are really good, the camera with updates will improve.

source : Amazon
source : Amazon

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the concept of an “Open Phone” by OnePlus represents a promising vision of user empowerment and transparency in the smartphone industry. By allowing users more control over their device’s software and hardware, it aims to foster a sense of ownership and customization. However, the success of such a venture will depend on the execution, support, and adoption by the user base. If OnePlus can strike the right balance between openness and security, it could set a new standard for user-centric mobile technology, ushering in an era of more personalized and ethical smartphone experiences.


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