One AirPod Not Working? Here’s How to Fix!

If you’re having issues with your airpods and one airpod not working whether they be the original air pods or even up to the airpods 3 or even the new airpods Pro second generation in this blog I’m going to tell you how you can potentially fix any issue that might come up with your airpods.

One Airpod not working

One issue that occurs often with airpods is that the connection might intermittently drop or it just stops working all together for really no reason at all this could be either one airpod not working or both are dropping connection etc, just follow these simple steps to hopefully fix that issue on your iPhone or iPad. Head into the settings app and tap the name of your airpod sitting right there below your name and Apple ID information if you do not see this Banner you can also head into Bluetooth find the name of your airpods and then tap the eye icon scroll down to the bottom and then tap forget this device.


Next make sure both airpods are inside of the charging case and that the charging case has a little bit of charge left inside locate the small button on the back of the case near the bottom.

Charging Case

Open up the charging case and then press and hold that button down for at least 15 seconds if you’re using a first generation or non-wireless second generation airpods charging case the case is internal Light Between the airpods will flash white and then Amber indicating that the airpods have reset if you’re using a wireless charging case for airpods 2 or airpods 3 or even airpods Pro you can find that light on the front of the case.

Wireless Charging Case

Once you’ve done this simply close the lid and then reopen the lid of your airpods case and place the air pods near your phone you should see a pop-up appear saying that airpods have been recognized and then you can go ahead and reconnect them to your device.

Reset Network Settings

Try resetting your iPhone’s network settings you can do this by launching the settings app and then select General re reset and then here you’ll see reset network settings then go ahead and try repairing your airpods by repeating the steps that we just went over and that’s it.

Well that’s all for that, hope this will help you if your one airpod not working. If you have any quaries, you can contact us. 

AirPods firmware updates are typically delivered automaticallywhen you connect your Airpods to your iPhone. You can check for updates by going to the Bluetooth settings.

You can check the battery life of your AirPods on your iPhone or iPad by opening the case near the device or using the Batteries widget.

AirPods Pro have an IPX4 standing, which means they’re sweat and water- resistant. The standard AirPods are less water- resistant and should be defended from water and sweat.

Yes, you can use either the left or right AirPod independently, which is useful for conserving battery life during calls or listening to audio.

Yes, AirPods can be paired with non-Apple devices using Bluetooth, but you won’t have the same level of seamless integration as with Apple devices.

To pair AirPods, simply open the case near your Apple device and follow the on-screen instructions. They will be automatically paired with devices linked to your Apple ID

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