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MLB The Show 24 Review
Set out on the road to baseball greatness – whatever it is you want to achieve, MLB The Show 24 has got you covered.


MLB the Show 24 delivers an amazing baseball simulation experience, really hitting it out of the park this time. The latest version of the series builds on its past successes while introducing intriguing new elements that embrace baseball’s inclusive future and strengthen its ties to the game’s rich past.

Carrying on Hank Aaron's Legacy

The review begins with an inspiring story about Hank Aaron that captures the spirit of baseball’s allure for lovers. MLB the Show 24’s fundamental gameplay remains faithful to its original concept, providing an even greater experience than before. Players of various skill levels can choose from a variety of control schemes and difficulty settings, and the revamped lighting system creates vivid visuals that bring the action to life.

Impact Plays: A Spotlight on Defense

The “Impact Plays” system, which focuses on amazing defensive plays, is a great addition this year. Take advantage of these quick-time events that are activated during Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show moments to feel the rush of diving receptions and game-saving throws. Although powerful, the reviewer believes that more of these instances in a variety of game settings would improve the overall experience.

Storylines: Immersing Yourself in Baseball History

MLB the Show 23’s storylines, a standout feature, is back and better than ever. President of the Negro Leagues Museum Bob Kendrick narrates engrossing stories in Season 2 of the Negro Leagues, which builds upon this compelling storytelling technique. These documentaries remind us of the hardships and victories of a time when baseball was segregated by bringing to life renowned players like a young Hank Aaron.

A New Chapter: Derek Jeter's Journey

Derek Jeter, the shortstop for the Yankees, is the subject of a second narrative. Though Jeter’s story is characterized by constant success, the reviewer feels that it lacks the struggle found in other baseball stories. With so many interesting stories to tell about baseball, this choice seems like a waste of time.

Making History: Women Take the Field

The addition of playable female characters represents a major advancement for the franchise. Road to the Show lets players design and personalize their own female prospect, while Negro Leagues narratives feature Tony Stone, a trailblazer of women’s professional baseball. The implementation, which includes customized cut-scenes that recognize the historic significance of a woman being drafted into the major leagues, is praised by the reviewer.

Road to the Show: A New Beginning

The Draft Combine is a major addition to the Road to the Show campaign for the single player. With the help of this thrilling feature, your generated player can compete for the desired top choice by showcasing their skills in front of scouts. Although the method presents a distinctive show, there is potential for development given its effect on player attributes and restricted ability to choose the team.

Diamond Dynasty: Building Your Dream Team

From MLB the Show 23, Diamond Dynasty—the well-liked card collecting and team-building mode—remains essentially unaltered. The main gameplay mechanics remain excellent, and there are plenty of card pack options to keep things interesting. The reviewer notes that sets and seasons were introduced last year, which increased the availability of high-rated cards but decreased their usefulness. The system has been modified for this year; cards are now active for a single season but have longer seasons overall. Although this modification allays certain worries, there is still disagreement over “expiring” cards.

Franchise and March to October: Taking Control

Returning are the franchise and March to October modes, which let users manage their preferred teams or get to the playoffs faster, respectively. The “Custom Game Entry” option is an excellent addition to the Franchise mode. This enables you to simulate games until certain requirements are satisfied, only intervening when vital circumstances arise, such as a save opportunity or a possible walk-off victory. This creative tool lets you have a big influence on your team’s performance while streamlining gaming.


As a premier sports simulator, MLB the Show 24 lives up to its hype. MLB the Show 24 is a genre-pushing show that pays homage to baseball’s rich heritage through the Negro Leagues tales and embraces diversity by including playable women. The overall experience is outstanding, despite a few minor issues like the inconsistent Jeter plot and “expiring” cards in Diamond Dynasty. MLB the Show 24 is a certain success if you’re a baseball lover searching for a captivating and immersive experience.

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  • Playable female characters for the first time!
  • “Impact Plays” system for spectacular defensive moments.
  • Season 2 of the Negro Leagues storylines with historical figures.
  • Draft Combine in Road to the Show for showcasing your created player.
  • “Custom Game Entry” feature in Franchise mode for streamlined gameplay.

Definitely! The multiple difficulty options and engaging gameplay make it a great entry point.

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