Harold Halibut Review – A Fish Out of Home, an Adventure for All

A Fish Out of Home, an Adventure for All
Harold Halibut Review
Developer: Slow Bros.
Publishers: Slow Bros.Slow Bros. UG
Designer: Onat Hekimoglu
Engine: Unity


The latest game by Slow Bros., Harold Halibut, is not like any other. Harold Halibut is a point-and-click adventure game that doesn’t have the typical inventory problems; instead, it concentrates on story and character interaction. The game follows the tale of Harold, a lab assistant on a massive starship that crashed-landed in the deep depths years ago. It is set in a meticulously constructed setting full of personality.

A World Built by Hand

The visual style of Harold Halibut is what stands out the most. With painstakingly hand-sculpted figures and intricate miniature sets that have been digitally scanned and brought to life, the game has a stop-motion appearance. This method gives the world a palpable, almost rural appeal. The knitted garments of the actors and the painted surroundings almost feel like real brushstrokes. It’s a universe waiting to be discovered, and even though there isn’t much interaction, there is no denying how much fun it is to be in this painstakingly designed area.

A Cast of Quirky Characters

The characters in Harold Halibut are what make it so strong. Every person who lives on the Fedora (the name of the spaceship) is full of personality, from the eccentric quadruplet siblings you meet in the commercial area to the muscular neighbor who shares Harold’s breakroom TV and looks like Fabio. One standout character is Slippy, the proprietor of the neighborhood ski gear store, whose sharp tongue and absurdly bad infomercials never tire. Even in the game’s more exposition-heavy sections, the caustic and clever comedy keeps you interested.

A Fish Out of Water Story

The story follows Harold as he becomes entangled in an intriguing quest. When a mystery alien entity shows there, what begins as his typical daily routine of cleaning filtration systems and scrubbing walls takes a drastic turn. As the narrative progresses, Harold’s initial hesitancy disappears, especially with regard to the controls’ occasional sluggishness and lack of responsiveness. After traveling to every part of the Fedora, he ultimately ventures outside of its man-made bounds and into the brilliant aquatic depths of an as-yet-undiscovered alien society. This is where the game really pulls off its “fish out of water” story, as Harold has to navigate a strange and beautiful landscape.

A Heartwarming Adventure

Harold Halibut’s story has an aquatic setting, but it is fundamentally human. The focus on empathy and building relationships with the quirky cast of the game is evident. The game’s charm and heart more than make up for its lack of traditional puzzles and slightly slow run button, which may leave some players wanting more. It’s a sweet and healthy experience to follow Harold’s journey to bring his community together and discover the beauties that lie outside of his submerged home.

A Missed Opportunity?

The absence of extras after finishing the game is the one significant letdown. Though there are a few brief behind-the-scenes videos available on the internet, more in-depth exploration of the creative process, concept art, or footage showing the construction of the puppets and settings would have been appreciated. It seems like a chance lost to honor the game’s amazing and creative design.

Final Verdict

Harold Halibut is a singular, engrossing journey. It might not be for everyone, but its unique setting, endearing narrative, and odd characters make it worth a try. Harold Halibut is a game that is well worth playing if you like to focus more on the story and ambiance than on intricate puzzles and quick action.

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The Good
  • Unique Stop-Motion Visuals: A meticulously crafted world with a tangible charm.
  • Quirky & Memorable Characters: A cast full of personality that drives the narrative with humor and warmth.
  • Heartwarming Story: A wholesome adventure about community, exploration, and discovery.
  • Relaxing Gameplay: Focus on exploration and conversation with minimal puzzles.
The Bad
  • Limited Interactivity: Lacks traditional point-and-click puzzles and complex challenges.
  • Slow Character Movement: Can feel sluggish at times, especially during backtracking.
  • No Bonus Content: No extras like concept art or behind-the-scenes materials after finishing the game.


Harold Halibut is a narrative-driven adventure game with a stop-motion aesthetic. While it resembles a point-and-click adventure, it focuses on conversations and exploration rather than traditional inventory puzzles.

The main story can be completed in around 12 hours, but there’s additional dialogue and hidden details to discover for completionists.

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