Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Review

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Review

Overhauls, Additions, and Improvements Make This a Standout Fighting Game

Introduction: A Journey of Transformation

When Granblue Fantasy Versus came in February 2020, noting its strong points as well as several major flaws that prevented it from reaching its full potential. Now that those issues have been resolved, Grand Blue Fantasy Versus Rising stands apart from other fighting games in the genre thanks to a thorough overhaul.

Story Mode: Trimmed Fat and Added Flavor

Rising’s renamed narrative mode is a more condensed, sharper version of the campaign found in the original game. It provides a more engaging experience by cutting out unnecessary RPG components and accelerating the pace. The story is improved by the addition of a new chapter, even though the main plot might not have a satisfying conclusion.

Fighting System Overhaul: Unleashing Ultimate Skills and Bravery Points

There has been a major update to the fighting mechanisms. Ultimate skills are an intriguing addition that have taken the position of universal methods like overdrive and tactical maneuver. Players now have to think strategically and with greater depth when deciding when to use these new special move variations for greatest effect.

Raging strikes and brave counters are the two new skills that are linked to bravery points. Although they present special combo potential, ferocious strikes—powerful attacks delivered within a block string—also carry strategic hazards. The management of courage points becomes an essential component of defense, giving the game an additional level of complexity.

Expanded Roster: From 11 to 28 Unique Characters

The character roster has been expanded from 11 to an amazing 28, which includes all of the DLC from the previous three years as well as four brand-new characters. This is one of the most obvious changes. Every character has a distinct personality, a variety of archetypes, and amazing special moves. Nier, Grimnir, Anila, and Siegfried, the newcomers, fit right in with the talented group.

Enhanced Learning Tools: A Beginner-Friendly Experience

Rising continues to uphold its status as a singularly approachable fighting game for new players. Players are able to understand each character’s subtleties without the need for outside research thanks to the improved training mode and learning resources, which include comprehensive frame statistics, short character explanations, and useful combo trials. The game’s steady tempo sets it apart from other anime fighters and is more in line with Street Fighter’s methodology.

Virtual Social Hub: Chibi Avatars and Online Play

The adorable chibi avatar lobby system is back, transformed into a virtual social center where users may interact in a variety of ways. Apart from typical matchmaking, it offers an additional layer of community connection through activities like soccer, arcade games, and waiting in line for ranked matches. Although there are some hiccups in functionality, the lobby system adds to an enjoyable online experience.

Rollback Net Code: A Game-Changing Addition

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising now meets the same high caliber as Street Fighter 6 and Guilty Gear Strive because to the addition of rollback net code. The multiplayer experience is improved and lag is decreased when playing online thanks to the incredibly smooth gameplay.

Grand Bruise: A Fun Diversion Within a Game

A fun touch is added by Grand Bruise, a mini-game inside the game that is modeled by Fall Guys. Its chaotic platforming battle royale mode is an entertaining distraction, even though it’s not the major draw. Its presence improves Rising’s overall worth for players, particularly in the free edition.

Conclusion: A Definitive Edition Worthy of Recognition

Beyond expectations, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is an improvement akin to a definitive edition. The creators of this fighting game have paid close attention to user input and have made both corrections and innovations to set it apart from the competition. Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising presents a thrilling re-entry into its vast world, regardless of your level of experience.

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Rising systematically addresses issues from the original game, including replacing delay-based net code with rollback, expanding the roster from 11 to 28 characters, and introducing innovative mechanics like ultimate skills and bravery points.

The newly renamed story mode in Rising is a more streamlined and brisk version of the base game’s campaign, trimming RPG elements and introducing a new chapter for added narrative depth.

Rising expands the character roster from 11 to 28, encompassing all DLC and introducing four new characters: Nier, Grimnir, Anila, and Siegfried. Each character brings unique abilities and personalities, contributing to the game’s diverse and compelling cast.

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