Granblue Fantasy Relink Review

Granblue Fantasy Relink Review


A new fan base for Grand’s Grand Adventure was brought in by Granblue Fantasy Versus in 2020. Granblue Fantasy Relink, which debuted on PC and Playstation, marks the series’ shift from a mobile role-playing game to a real-time action game. This review examines the multiplayer features, characters, combat, and storyline of the game to highlight its positives and flaws.

The Grand Adventure Unfolds

A space-faring crew is pursued by Granblue Fantasy Relink as they search for the enigmatic island of Estucia, which is rumored to fulfill wishes. As the largely silent protagonist, players must decide between Gran and Jeta while being aided by the youthful summoner Lia. The tale is told in a snappy 10-chapter format that is evocative of mobile games. It moves at a refreshing pace, cutting out superfluous speech and putting the action front and center.

Cinematic Moments and Diverse Characters

The game offers exciting monster encounters, massive fights, and even the ability to control legendary beings like Bahamut. It doesn’t hold back when it comes to spectacular moments. A variety of personalities are represented in the main cast, with figures like Rackham and Io contributing to a harmonious dynamic. The game’s summoning mechanism gives many characters a prominent part, even if only a small number of allies play major roles.

Visual Appeal and Fate Episodes

Granblue Fantasy Relink’s character design is a visual feast, with charming watercolor illustrations and simple lines. Character development is aided by fate episodes, which are unique scenes that provide background information and legend. Though most of these episodes are cutscenes rather than interesting gameplay, their mobile roots are evident in their limited interactivity.

Diverse Combat Styles

The variety of mechanics on Relink’s roster is one of its advantages. Like Genshin Impact, each character has a distinct play style and set of abilities. The game offers a multitude of settings to suit varied tastes, whether you enjoy simple sword fighting or daring distant strikes.

Innovative Combat Features

A dynamic risk-reward component is introduced by the real-time action fighting system with elements like Arts level and Skybound Arts. Strong ultimate assaults called Skybound Arts give strategic depth, particularly when coordinated for a Full Burst group attack. Occasionally taking on new roles, such operating a Mech or firing ship guns, increases the variety of combat.

Multiplayer Excitement

The multiplayer feature of Granblue Fantasy Relink excels thanks to a variety of matchmaking choices. Multiplayer is entertaining because to the varied tasks, seamless online experience, and lack of connection problems, even though cross-platform play is a drawback. The post-story quests in the game present difficulties that call for cooperation and strategic thought.

Light Gacha Mechanics

Relink uses mild gacha mechanisms sans microtransactions, in spite of its mobile origins. Players can transmute new sigils to add a layer of unpredictability to effects by exchanging undesirable sigils or treasure for vouchers. A level playing field is ensured by the lack of microtransactions, which prioritize gameplay over real money purchases.


Granblue Fantasy Relink offers a comparatively short but excellent campaign, departing from the RPG genre’s custom of long storytelling. Its mobile roots are sometimes noticeable, but the interesting action fighting, varied cast of characters, and cooperative gameplay make it an enjoyable journey. The game’s advantages entice players to spend hours lost in the Granblue Fantasy universe even in the lack of cross-platform play. Hope this article on Granblue Fantasy Relink Review is helpful, if you have any questions feel free to comment down below.


Grand Blue Fantasy Relink is an action RPG that follows the adventure of a sky-faring crew on a quest for the mysterious island of Estucia, known for granting wishes.

Yes, the game offers multiplayer with various matchmaking options, allowing players to team up for quests. However, crossplay between PlayStation and PC is not supported.

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