Gigantic: Rampage Edition Review – A Blast from the Past or a Niche Prospect?

A Blast from the Past or a Niche Prospect?

Gigantic: Rampage Edition Review


Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a remastered version of the 2017 game Gigantic, which is a unique hero shooter that returns with a bang. It brings back the game’s essential mechanics and aesthetics while also adding new content and revamping some features, but will it be enough to win over new players and win over old ones again?

A Fusion of Genres: Hero Shooter Meets MOBA

Gigantic creates a unique niche for itself by fusing MOBA and hero shooter components. There are no lanes to push or minions to farm, in contrast to classic MOBA’s. Rather, the emphasis is on team battles and carefully locating the power orbs that are dispersed across the map. These orbs power your team’s Guardian, a monstrous creature that sporadically goes into a rampage phase that lets you deal a ton of damage by hitting its weak point.

Gigantic really shines in the hero roster. Every hero has a unique playstyle and set of abilities, ranging from the lightning-wielding assassin Tripp to the terrifying Voden, who can heal opponents with a variety of elemental illnesses. With progression, you can further alter your hero’s skills and add strategic nuance.

New Content and Revamped Features

With a few significant changes, the Rampage Edition gives Gigantic new vitality. Voden and Kajer, two new heroes, present new tactical opportunities. Marga Ridge and Picaro Bay, each with its own layouts and strategic implications, are included to the maps as well.

The microtransactions that hampered the first release have been removed. Heroes can now be unlocked using game-earned vouchers, and crowns won from winning matches can be used to purchase cosmetic choices like skins.

Rush, a brand-new game mode, encourages action that moves more quickly. Here, monsters are pre-spawned for faster encounters, while heroes are automatically level 10. For players who want shorter, more intense matches, this option is ideal.

A Blast from the Past with Some Technical Hiccups

With its colorful settings and dynamic heroes, Gigantic’s graphic style is still one of its best features. The presentation as a whole is clear and eye-catching. Still, there are several issues with the remaster.

There are moments when the fighting feels a little awkward, and the responsiveness and hit registration might use some work. Furthermore, a lot of crowd-control effects lead to chaotic situations where it’s hard to understand what’s going on.

There are still some technical problems. Competitive players may find it annoying that there is no ping monitor and that the frame rate is limited to 60 frames per second. Additionally, slow matchmaking can result in longer than ideal wait times.

These drawbacks could discourage anyone who haven’t seen the original Gigantic. Hardcore players may find it less enticing due to the steep learning curve and absence of crucial competitive features like a visible ping display.

A Niche Revival for Dedicated Fans

Rampage Edition of Gigantic has two sides. For fans of the original game, it’s a great journey down memory lane. The refreshed progression system gets rid of the annoying microtransactions, and the new content offers some much-needed variation.

Its narrow appeal and technical problems, however, might prevent it from reaching a larger audience. The fighting may be unrefined and the learning curve intimidating to newcomers.

The Final Verdict

In the end, Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a respectable remaster for a loyal following. It remains to be seen if it can draw in a new generation of gamers. Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a reasonably priced hero shooter that may be worth checking out if you’re interested in a different kind of shooter with a touch of MOBA, provided you can put up with a little bit of quirkiness.

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The Good
  • Unique Genre Blend: Merges hero shooter action with MOBA strategy, offering a fresh take on the genre.
  • Nostalgic Return: A chance for fans of the original Gigantic to revisit the world and characters.
  • New Content: Includes new heroes, maps, and a faster-paced Rush mode for quicker matches.
  • Free Hero Unlocks: Heroes are earned through gameplay, not microtransactions.
  • Strategic Depth: Upgradeable abilities, talents, and creatures offer customization and tactical options.
The Bad
  • Smaller Player Base: Might be difficult to find matches, especially for newcomers.
  • Balance Issues: High amount of crowd control effects can feel overwhelming, and hit registration needs improvement.
  • Limited Competitive Features: Lacks features like a visible ping counter and higher frame rates for competitive play.
  • Uncertain Lifespan: The modest player base raises concerns about the game’s future.
  • Niche Appeal: Might not be as appealing to those seeking a mainstream hero shooter experience.


Gigantic Rampage Edition is a revival of the unique hero shooter Gigantic, which originally launched in 2017. It blends elements of MOBAs and hero shooters, with teams battling to destroy the opposing team’s giant Guardian.

Heroes are unlocked with vouchers earned through gameplay, not through microtransactions.

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