Fortnite Rocket Racing Review

Fortnite Rocket Racing Review
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It looks like Fortnite is going through a third Awakening. Amidst the Battle Royale craze, Fortnite Rocket Racing has become a new competitor. Taking a break from the standard Battle Royale rounds, I discovered that I was experimenting with this new mode that combines aspects of Fortnite and Rocket League. Even though it’s still in its early phases, Fortnite Rocket Racing has the makings of a noteworthy racing game. We’ll explore the game’s gameplay, mechanics, and overall experience in this review.

Gameplay Overview

Rocket Racing introduces an exciting arcade racing experience, departing from the Battle Royale structure. With 26 maps that are easily incorporated into Fortnite’s overall progression mechanics, the game offers cross-platform multiplayer support for up to 12 players.

Innovative Racing Concept

The main idea is that 12 players control toy cars, which is similar to how games like Grip Combat Racing and Distance work. The trick is to strategically time your speed bursts by employing drifting to fill up the boost meter. Rocket Racing does not use equipment or weapons like other combat racers do; instead, it focuses only on staying fast, drifting, and dodging obstacles.

Flying and Jumping Mechanics

The ability to jump and fly adds another level of complexity to Rocket Racing. Players can maneuver around walls, ceilings, and obstacles with the help of this dynamic feature, which not only increases excitement but also provides strategic benefits. Every map offers different difficulties, requiring players to consider their strategy carefully.

Boosting Dynamics

The thrusting and boosting mechanisms sound and feel exciting, but there are some mysterious systems at work that need some explanation. Early-race timed bonuses don’t always work as planned, and the game’s attempt to balance matches occasionally appears arbitrary and penalizes players for doing well.

Performance and Multiplatform Play

Rocket Racing is a platform-neutral game that runs smoothly on both high-end PCs and the Nintendo Switch. The multiplayer system in Fortnite is a masterwork, easily handling the turmoil and fast-paced action of Rocket Racing.

Content and Customization

The game’s entire experience is impacted by its inability to retain variety in its map rotations, even though it has 26 maps. Matchmaking is considerably slowed down when you manually choose particular maps to personalize your racing experience. Even though the maps are well-designed, gamers might wish for more given the lack of variance in car handling and personalization choices.

Integration with Fortnite Progression

Rocket Racing is integrated into the Battle Pass and progression systems of Fortnite. Although the ability to level up across modes is a nice feature, there are concerns about how long Rocket Racing’s attraction will last given the uncertain way to access new cars and decorations outside of the Battle Pass.


For lovers of arcade-style racing games like Fortnite, Fortnite Rocket Racing is a potential addition. It might not overtake well-known games like Mario Kart or Rocket League, but its quick racing make for entertaining interludes between other activities. But its lack of local multiplayer, restricted content, and unfinished mechanics make it difficult to enjoy over the long run. Although Rocket Racing is entertaining for a few rounds, it is unclear if it will ever turn into a winning strategy in the world of competitive racing games.

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Fortnite Rocket Racing is a new game mode within Fortnite that introduces an arcade racing experience, deviating from the traditional Battle Royale format. Players control toy cars, incorporating elements of drifting, boosting, and strategic maneuvering to reach the finish line.

Rocket Racing accommodates up to 12 players in a single match, offering a competitive and dynamic racing experience.

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