Contra Operation Galuga Review

Contra Operation Galuga Review


A plethora of recollections and feelings can be evoked by revisiting childhood favorites, much like going back to a beloved theme park. That’s how I felt about the most recent Contra series episode, Operation Galuga. It felt like I was traveling back in time to my childhood, when I used quarters to play arcade games. Though there was no denying the nostalgia, there was also a feeling of disappointment at the classic’s lack of development in this new version.

A Faithful Reimagining

Operation Galuga offers a contemporary interpretation of Contra, a bonafide classic, while remaining faithful to its origins. Though it plays more like a faithful remake, the game has the atmosphere of a sequel. Fans of the series will enjoy a journey down memory lane with well-known heroes, recognizable stages, and the same exhilarating gameplay.

Familiar Grounds

Operation Galuga follows the tried-and-true formula of its predecessors, from exploring hostile stages to taking on formidable monsters. The game includes both new and vintage levels that are all meant to test players in the original Contra style.

Substantial Additions

Operation Galuga adds a few notable elements while remaining true to its origins. The well-known gameplay is given new life by fully voiced characters, newly playable characters with special skills, and redesigned 2D stages. But not every new component works, especially when it comes to storytelling, when flat prose and one-dimensional characters ruin the experience.

Solid Old-School Action

Even with its flaws, Operation Galuga offers good, retro action. Playing through redesigned classic levels or taking on all-new ones, the game delivers the furious, bullet-filled action that has made Contra famous. The experience’s familiarity, meanwhile, can make some people yearn for more surprises and inventiveness.

Minor Tweaks and Twists

With Operation Galuga, the traditional Contra concept is slightly modified with the addition of weapon upgrades and the two-weapon system. With these additions, gamers may personalize their gameplay experience, which is a refreshing change of pace. They don’t take many steps to depart from the series’ well-known beat, though.

Limited Replayability

The novelty of the game quickly fades, even if it provides arcade and challenge modes for increased replayability. Operation Galuga may not have enough depth to hold players’ attention for an extended period of time, as there aren’t many surprises to be uncovered and only many hours of material.


To sum up, Operation Galuga is a somewhat updated homage to the original Contra television series. Even though it brings some nice additions and cleverly appeals to nostalgia, it ultimately fails to create a really revolutionary experience. It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for series aficionados, but it might fall short for those looking for originality and excitement.

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Operation Galuga is more of a faithful remake of the original Contra, featuring familiar characters, stages, and gameplay mechanics.

Operation Galuga introduces fully voiced characters, new playable characters with unique abilities, and revamped 2D stages alongside the classic levels.

Yes, Operation Galuga features multiplayer co-op modes, allowing up to four players to join forces in tackling the game’s challenges.

While the core gameplay remains faithful to the Contra formula, Operation Galuga introduces minor tweaks such as the two-weapon system and weapon upgrades to enhance player customization.

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