Bucket Quest Guide : Lords of the Fallen

Welcome to the Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen, a new quest line introduced in a free update for Lords of the Fallen. This quest centers on the Bucket Guy, a familiar face from the early stages of the game, who now takes on a more prominent role with a backstory and quest rewards. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to complete the quest and uncover the rewards that await you.

Acquiring the Buckethead Salute Gesture

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Vestige of Chabui

The first step in this quest is to locate the Buckethead Salute gesture. This gesture is hidden near the Vestige of Chabui, which will serve as your home base for the rest of the quest. To find the gesture, follow these steps:

  1. From the Skyrest bonfire, head outside and turn left.
  2. Locate the set of stairs leading to the Scourged Sisters boss arena.
  3. Climb the stairs and break the crates on the left-hand side.
  4. Inside the broken crates, you will find the Buckethead Salute gesture.

Meeting the Bucket Guy

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Bucket Guy

Next, we’ll head towards the Bucket Guy, who resides atop the ladders from the Vestige. He’s located straight ahead before you cross the beam leading to the Scourge Sisters boss fight arena. If this is your first encounter with the Bucket Guy, you’ll find some loot beside him, including the Broken Bucket weapon and The Condemned armor set.

Communicating with Gestures

Attempting to converse with the Bucket Guy will only result in three dots as a response. To progress the quest, you’ll need to perform a specific sequence of gestures:

  1. Greeting
  2. Pointing Downward
  3. Buckethead Salute

Ensure you have these gestures equipped and perform them in the mentioned order, allowing each gesture to finish completely before selecting the next one. Once you’ve successfully executed the gestures, you can interact with the Bucket Guy, who will utter the line, “The Pride of the Bucketlords has been reaffirmed.”

Gathering the Pride of the Bucketlords

The next step involves collecting a total of 12 Pride of the Bucketlords items scattered throughout the game. However, be cautious not to collect more than four of these items at once, as this will break the quest and require a complete restart. Therefore, you’ll need to deliver them to the Bucket Guy in batches of four.

For newcomers to Lords of the Fallen or those on a New Game Plus without having defeated most bosses, the Bucket Guy will actually join you as a companion in boss fights. Regardless of his survival, the Pride of the Bucketlord item will drop nearby after defeating the boss. The Bucket Guy is quite remarkable, wielding a pair of golden buckets as weapons and employing bucket-themed attacks that you can unlock later.

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Bucket Guy as a Companion

If you’ve already defeated all the bosses, completing this quest becomes incredibly simple. Instead of battling bosses first, you can simply collect the bucket items. Let’s embark on this treasure hunt!

Bucket 1 - Scourged Sister Delyth

Our quest begins with defeating Scourged Sister Delyth, the first boss encounter. Upon her defeat, the Pride of the Bucket lord item will materialize right where she falls. If you’ve already vanquished her, the item will remain in the same location. This marks the first of four Pride of the Bucket lords you’ll need to collect.

Bucket 2 - Mistress of Hounds

Our next stop is the Mistress of Hounds boss fight arena. To reach this location, begin at the Bellroom, also known as the Vestige of Blind Agatha. Turn around and descend the elevator. If the elevator is inaccessible from your initial encounter with the blacksmith, I’ll demonstrate an alternative route. Once you’re ready to face the Mistress of Hounds, feel free to skip ahead to the specified time on the screen

Bucket 3 - Crimson Rector Percival

Our quest continues towards the Percival boss fight arena. To reach this location, initiate your journey at the Vestige of the Pale Butcher in Forsaken Fen. Navigate your way towards Fitzroy’s Gorge. Upon reaching the junction marked by a Calrath sign, take the left path to progress towards the Percival boss fight area.

Bucket 4 - Ruiner Bridge

To retrieve the fourth Pride of the Bucketlords, embark on a journey from the Vestige of the Betrayed Eliard, also known as The Shrine of Adyr. Descend towards the bridge where the Ruiner boss encounter takes place. The bucket item will be located at the far end of the bridge.

Returning to the Bucket Guy

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Bucketlord Shoes

After gathering the first four Pride of the Bucketlords, return to the Bucket Guy and present them to him. In exchange for these precious items, you will be rewarded with a pair of Bucket Lord shoes.

Bucket 5 - Sacred Resonance

Our next quest objective takes us back to the Bell Room at the Vestige of Blind Agatha. Instead of venturing onto the platforms outside, proceed through the door adjacent to the Vestige. Access to this area requires the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, which can be purchased from Stomund in Skyrest. Our destination is the Sacred Residence boss fight, where you’ll confront the formidable figure adorned with a bell, top of its head.

Bucket 6 - Guardian Folard

To locate the sixth Pride of the Bucketlords, begin at the Windmill, also known as the Vestige of Marco the Axe. Venture into the depths of the Fief of the Chill Curse, where you’ll encounter the unforgettable boss fight against Guardian Folard. This battle takes place in the freezing water with the wolves.

Bucket 7 - Griefbound Rowena

Our quest continues deeper into the Fief of the Chill Curse. Begin your journey at the Vestige of Svornil. Ascend the ladder and follow the path towards the Grief Bound Rowena boss encounter. Remember, the route is very long.

Bucket 8 - Infernal Enchantress

Our next quest objective takes us to the Vestige of Sebastian in Lower Calrath. In close proximity, you’ll find the Infernal Enchants boss arena, where you can also locate the eighth Pride of the Bucketlords item.

Return to Bucketlord NPC

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Bucketlord Helm

After successfully collecting another four Pride of the Bucketlords, return to the Bucket Guy and present them as your offering. This time, you will be rewarded with the coveted Bucketlord Helm.

Bucket 9 - Abiding Defenders

With only four more Pride of the Bucketlords remaining, our quest leads us to the Leprosarium at the Vestige of Brother Jeremiah. Venture towards the Abiding Defenders boss fight, where you’ll confront a formidable duo of twins within an octagonal arena.

Bucket 10 - Carrion Knight

To retrieve the tenth Pride of the Bucketlords, access the Tower of Penance area through the door requiring the Abbot Vernoff Key. In the provided footage, you’ll witness a backtrack from the Vestige of Rosamund in the Abbey of Hallowed Sisters. On the bridge where you encounter the Carrion Knight boss, you’ll find the buckethead item.

Bucket 11 - Abbess Sister

Our quest for the eleventh Pride of the Bucketlords takes us to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Locate the boss arena of the Abbess Sister, the first boss you’ll encounter upon entering the area. Initiate your journey from the Vestage of Rosamund and simply descend the stairs.

Bucket 12 – Skinstealer

To locate the twelfth and final Pride of the Bucketlords, venture into the Sunless Skien area, beginning from the Vestige of Catrin. Navigate your way towards the Skin Stealer Boss Arena, situated within the cistern room housing the elevator to Upper Calrath. If you’ve already completed the game and have the area fully unlocked, you can commence your journey from the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian and simply descend the elevator to the location.

Return to Bucketlord NPC

With the final four Pride of the Bucketlords in hand, return to the Bucket Guy for the final exchange. Completing this step doesn’t yield any special drops, but you’ll receive a game prompt confirming you’ve used the Pride of the Bucketlords.

Go to Lower Calrath

As the final reward awaits in Lower Calrath, proceed to the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch and follow the designated path until you reach the open area with the Burning Tree and Ruiner enemy. Upon entering the area, veer left towards the flower bed. You’ll discover a newly accessible secret room containing a pair of Gilded Buckets, Bucket Guy’s signature weapon.

Secret Weapon Stats and Special Attacks

Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen
Special Attack

Crafted as Bucket Guy’s personal weapon, the Gilded Buckets pack a powerful punch. Infused with Holy Fire and Wither damage, these unique buckets unleash a devastating streak of blows upon every swing. At +10, the weapon unveils two special attacks: a line of sharp wooden planks propelled forward and an explosive AOE of wooden spikes. Donning Buckethead’s attire and wielding his signature Gilded Buckets not only grants you a formidable arsenal but also access to his custom attacks, unlocking a whole new dimension of combat prowess.

Final Conclusion

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging and rewarding action RPG that offers a unique and immersive world to explore. With its intricate combat system, diverse enemy encounters, and hidden secrets to uncover, the game provides a captivating experience for those who seek a test of their skills and a deep dive into a dark and captivating fantasy world. Hope you like the article on Bucket Quest Guide in Lords of the Fallen, if you have any questions, just comment down below.


The quest to obtain the Gilded Buckets is a hidden side quest in the game Lords of the Fallen. It requires players to collect 12 Pride of the Bucketlords items scattered throughout the game world. Once all 12 items are collected, players must return them to the Bucket Guy NPC to receive the Gilded Buckets, Buckethead’s signature weapon.

The Pride of the Bucketlords items are hidden in various locations throughout the game world. They are often found in secret areas or as rewards for defeating certain enemies. Some of the locations include the Vestiges of the Betrayed Iard, Blind Agatha, Marco the Axe, and Sebastian.

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