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A Patchwork Journey Through Oz’s Wasteland
Broken Roads Review


The post-apocalyptic Australian setting of Broken Roads is a CRPG (computer role-playing game) that combines Mad Max, mysticism, and a hint of magic a la Harry Potter. It features an original universe, a morality-based storyline, and difficult turn-based fighting. But clumsy mechanics and technical problems drag the game down.

A World Weathered and Worn

While Broken Roads’ graphics aren’t state-of-the-art, it still makes good use of what it has. Different places, from thriving cities to lonely outposts, have distinct personalities. The post-apocalyptic mood is built by elements like faded signage and blasted ruins, while smoke and debris provide a chaotic touch. Character design is varied, with survivors wearing everything from sensible equipment to bizarre outfit selections. The overall presentation is respectable for a game of its size, despite the restricted number of graphics options.

Sounds of the Wasteland

Broken Roads’ sound design serves its purpose. Fires crackle, the wind whips, and gunshots sound believable. A mixed bag is voice acting. The narrator is excellent, although there are times when character interactions are erratic, with lengthy periods of stillness in between voiced lines. It’s difficult to foresee whether lines will be spoken or not.

Building Your Patchwork Character

For a CRPG, character creation is rather standard. You select your background, personalize your look, and assign points to your abilities and qualities. The game starts you out with a motley crew of survivors, laying the groundwork for your adventure.

A Hero's Journey (with a Twist)

Broken Roads is an original take on the story of the hero’s journey. The game does not force you to play through the essential components, even if they are present. The novel is full of moral dilemmas that will force you to make tough choices. These decisions affect the moral compass of your character, which affects gameplay by affecting fighting attributes and restrictions.

Skills and Abilities: Familiar Yet Fresh

The skill tree provides a mix of well-known and uncommon choices. Standard skills like waiting and overwatch are available, as well as more unusual ones like magical attunement, which can harm both you and your enemies.  Movement points influence your ability to explore, while action points control spellcasting, item use, and attacks. There are moments when the line-of-sight cover system is unreliable.

Combat: Brutal and Unforgiving

Broken Roads is going to be a hard fight. Even in circumstances that don’t appear to be aggressive, enemies are persistent and conflicts frequently feel unfair to you. The most effective tactic? Prepare for maximum movement and action points to maintain your agility and prevent overloading. You can avoid some encounters, but you’ll lose out on important experience points.

Moral Choices: A Missed Opportunity?

Although the moral compass concept is a fantastic idea, it seems neglected in practice. Although decisions affect the plot and your character, they don’t always feel as significant as they could. More frequent moral decision-making opportunities that actually impact the story would be beneficial for the game.

Questing and Exploration: A Double-Edged Sword

It’s a mixed bag discovering the realm of Broken Roads. Running away from most foes is a benefit, however there are certain quests that have problems that make them impossible to do. In addition to interfering with battles, glitches can trap characters in a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. Although the game’s makers are continually repairing it, these bugs can really reduce how much fun you have.

Fun Factor: A Patchwork Experience

Playing Broken Roads can be enjoyable, especially when you can acquire powerful skills and feel like you’ve accomplished something. You’re kept interested in the story by the unexpected turns it takes depending on your decisions. But the clumsy controls and technological issues are a never-ending obstacle. While Broken Roads is a good deal when purchased at a discount, it’s advisable to hold off on buying it until after a sizable patch has fixed the game’s bugs and playability problems.


Broken Roads is a heartfelt, ambitious role-playing game. It has an original world setting, compelling moral dilemmas, and a fun mix of both old and new gaming elements. But the experience is spoiled by clumsy controls, erratic voice acting, and technological issues. Broken Roads is a passable post-apocalyptic role-playing game if you’re a patient player ready to overlook its shortcomings. But it’s best to wait for the developers to work out the glitches if you’re looking for a polished experience.

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Broken Roads is a CRPG (computer role-playing game) set in a post-apocalyptic Australia. It blends elements of Mad Max, mystical abilities, and character choices with moral consequences.

The graphics are decent for the game’s size. Locations are varied and atmospheric, but options are limited.

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