Botany Manor Review – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch

Cultivate Curiosity and Solve Floral Mysteries

Botany Manor Review


Are you itching to get your hands dirty in the garden, but the weather just isn’t cooperating? Well, fret no more! Botany Manor, a cozy first-person puzzle game, can help satiate your horticultural excitement. In this delightful title, you’ll take on the role of Arabella Greene, a retired botanist returning to her grand manor in 1890 Somerset, England.

Unconventional Cultivation

You are given a special task by Botany Manor: to fill the blank pages of your herbarium with imaginary plants. Every puzzle centers around growing a particular imaginary plant, and you can find hints strewn all throughout the house to help you along the way.

The game is easy to pick up at first. One plant you may come across for the first time is the Flora, which grows well amid lightning strikes. But the puzzles get trickier as you go along.  A few of the solutions make use of beautifully reinterpreted scientific concepts from the real world within the Victorian setting of the game. For example, in order to get a certain seedling to bloom, you might need to figure out what Morse code means.

Botany Manor doesn’t provide an in-depth exploration of actual plant science, but the puzzles’ whimsical quality makes the experience interesting. As you open each packet of seeds, you’ll find slots for the clues you need to locate along with a delightful image of the plant. These hints not only assist you in growing the plant but also provide you with tidbits of information about Arabella’s past and the manor’s background.

A Manor Steeped in Secrets

In and of itself, exploring the exquisitely portrayed manor is delightful. Every new area has a unique appeal of its own, with intriguing things just waiting to be found.  The charming antique vibe of the game is enhanced by the inclusion of seemingly insignificant things like gardening maps, newspaper articles, brochures, and bottle labels. The essential hints that will enable you to solve the plant riddles are strewn among these environmental specifics.

Chalkboard heat maps and wildflower charts will help you determine the ideal temperature and humidity levels.  Creating the right habitat is essential to allowing your fantasy plants to flourish.  To keep you motivated as you explore the secrets further, the game even gives you musical cues when you’re doing the right thing.

A Story Told Through Postcards and Petals

While figuring out the plant riddles is the main focus of the gameplay, Botany Manor also subtly develops Arabella Greene’s story.  Written notes, frequently on exquisite stationary, that are found strewn throughout the manor tell the story.  There are also private artifacts that allude to Arabella’s previous experiences.

Arabella is shown in the story as a strong-willed botanist who endured unfair treatment in a field that was controlled by males. But rather than being emotionally captivating, the messages and letters are typically more educational.  Though these moments frequently feel ephemeral amidst the puzzle-solving, interactions with family, friends, and even the groundskeeper hold the opportunity to paint a more intimate portrait of Arabella.

The manor itself appears oddly empty, even though there are remnants of a once-active household. The kitchen has a crackling fire, yet the room seems strangely empty—as if everyone has just disappeared.  The absence of interpersonal connection keeps the main gameplay from being interrupted, but it also creates a sense of wasted potential for character advancement.


The beautiful ambiance and ingenious puzzles of Botany Manor make up for the slightly one-dimensional plot.  It’s exciting to figure out how to grow each exotic plant; it also gives you a reassuring sense of satisfaction to see your herbarium gradually go from blank pages to colorful pictures.

In the end, Botany Manor is a relaxed setting where you are welcome to relax and discover the world of exotic plants.  Botany Manor is a pleasant game that will grow in your collection if you’re searching for a light-hearted getaway into a world of puzzles and flora without making too many demands.

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Botany Manor is a cozy first-person puzzle game where you play as Arabella Greene, a retired botanist. Your task is to cultivate fantastical plants and fill your herbarium with their illustrations.

Botany Manor offers a relaxed pace. Puzzles start simple and gradually increase in complexity, but the game doesn’t overwhelm you with difficulty.

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