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A Stylish Metroidvania with a Unique Twist

Biomorph Review


A Metroidvania game with a striking aesthetic and an original take on the fundamentals of the genre is called Biomorph. For those who enjoy Metroidvania games in particular, the world-building, exploration, and combat make for an incredibly captivating experience, even though the story may not be its greatest point.

A World Brought to Life

The brilliantly animated opening sequence of Biomorph captures your interest right away and establishes the tone for the narrative. You take control of Harlo, the main character, who has a unique look that combines elements of a Mega Man boss and a rare Pokemon. The entire cast of characters is designed with this idea in mind, resulting in a visually captivating universe where two unique species are at odds with one another.

Even if the plot isn’t particularly novel, it’s hard to look away from Biomorph’s environment. An immersive experience is enhanced by outstanding graphic design, excellent sound production, and stunning animated cutscenes. The setting itself is very interesting, even if the prose doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

Exploration is King

Like most Metroidvanias, Biomorph offers expansive landscapes to explore and a plethora of mysteries to discover.  This is where the game really shines, giving players a sense of exploration and rewarding them for going against the grain.

Morphing Your Way to Success

However, Biomorph adds a really original mechanic—enemy morphing—that goes beyond the traditional Metroidvania paradigm. Harlo possesses the capacity to change into defeated opponents by absorbing their genetic code. Every monster has a unique set of skills to give. You could be able to break through barriers with one adversary while another gives you the ability to build platforms that let you enter previously unreachable locations. These skills are deftly incorporated into the action, serving a variety of purposes from boss defeat to environmental puzzle solving.

As you defeat the same adversary more than once, the morphing mechanism gets even more lucrative. You’ll eventually be able to permanently unlock their genetic code, which will let you change into them whenever you choose. This mechanic adds a degree of strategic depth and encourages experimentation throughout your adventure, making it perhaps Biomorph’s best feature.

Customization and Combat

Harlo’s skill set goes beyond simply transforming enemies. You can customize your fighting style to suit your tastes by equipping different special attacks. However, the capacity to transform into various creatures is the true show-stopper. Encounters remain interesting and novel since every form has different attacks and fighting skills.

You can reconstruct the settlement of Blightmoor in Biomorph as you progress through the game. Discovering new stores in Blightmoor offers helpful support for your journey. You can traverse the large game world with the aid of the well-designed minimap and map, which highlights important locations and objectives and prevents you from getting lost.

Challenge and Progression

Biomorph provides a challenging enough level of challenge. Although the exploration feels fluid, there are several difficult encounters in the game, particularly in boss fights.  Due to difficulty spikes, these boss encounters might occasionally feel stressful, although they are generally still manageable and gratifying.

There is additional depth added by the opposing AI. As you advance, enemies might adapt and pick up new abilities, which keeps battle fresh and forces you to modify your tactics. Biomorph increases the replayability of the game by providing a multitude of secrets to find and alternative routes to follow. Whether you prefer close-quarters fighting or ranged strikes with weapons and bombs, you can modify Harlo’s combat style to fit your playstyle thanks to the abundance of customization choices.

A Feast for the Senses

The music design is the ideal match for the images. The sound effects are visceral and realistic, while the movie score is powerful and fits the scene. The entire production value is outstanding, and each component comes together to make for an incredibly engaging experience.

The music design is the ideal match for the images. The sound effects are visceral and realistic, while the movie score is powerful and fits the scene. The entire production value is outstanding, and each component comes together to make for an incredibly engaging experience.

Performance and Platform Suitability

Throughout the campaign, there have been no significant bugs or crashes and Biomorph runs well with steady frame rates. With remarkable performance at a locked 60 frames per second, the game is also a perfect fit for the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck is the perfect place to explore Biomorph because of the breathtaking visuals that accentuate the smaller screen.


With its enemy morphing mechanism, Biomorph is a great Metroidvania game that gives the genre a fresh new twist. Even while the story may not be its best feature, the world-building, exploration, and fighting combine to make for an incredibly captivating and gorgeous journey. Although there are moments when boss difficulty spikes are annoying, Biomorph is an overall satisfying game that every fan of Metroidvania should add to their collection, with its unique dynamics, gratifying exploration, and stunning vistas.

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Biomorph is a Metroidvania game with a unique twist. It combines exploration, combat, and a cool mechanic where you can transform into defeated enemies!

Biomorph is a feast for the senses. Stunning hand-drawn art, incredible animations, and a fitting soundtrack create a truly immersive experience.

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