Astra Knights of Veda Review – PC, PS4, PS5, Switch

A Grindy Dark Fantasy RPG with an Intriguing Mystery

Astra Knights of Veda Review


In Astra Knights of Veda, you are thrust into an unstable universe. You have to reveal the mysteries of your own past and assist the goddess Veda in retrieving the fragments of her broken heart as the recently resurrected Master of the Book. Despite having an engrossing tale, difficult fighting, and an ethereally gorgeous dark fantasy setting, the game is hindered by an excessively severe grind and a confusing user interface.

A Story Full of Mystery and Intrigue

Astra Knights of Veda has harsh starting scenes. You find yourself on a battlefield overrun by zombies, quickly falling victim to the enemy’s assault. This is just an introduction; the goddess Veda brings you back to life and assigns you a huge assignment. Don’t waste any time in mourning, as Planis’s world is about to fall apart.

Veda needs your assistance to regain her power because she is weak and imperfect. It is up to you, the Master of the Book, to locate the pieces of her heart that are dispersed around the territory. Bell, a fairy-like companion who may bring back some unpleasant memories for Genshin Impact gamers, is helping you on this adventure.

The tale takes place in six chapters, and if you just concentrate on the primary plot, you may play through it in about thirty hours. Although gathering Veda’s heart fragments is the main objective, the game deftly plays with the amnesia cliché. Your memories of prior lives are the key to the present; they reveal themselves like a real-crime series as you explore further.

A Darker Take on Anime Fantasy

The anime style of Astra Knights of Veda deviates from the typical adorable style. The horrific foes and corpse-strewn surroundings mirror the gloom that permeates this realm. The game depicts a world torn by conflict and sorrow, and it doesn’t hold back when it comes to brutality.

Engaging Combat with Strategic Depth

Side-scrolling beat ’em up games are the source of inspiration for Astra Knights of Veda’s combat. In the heat of combat, you tactically switch between your team of four characters. By using their shield, a tank character can lure in enemy aggro, opening the door for a damage dealer to launch a devastating blow from behind.

Enemy variation forces you to adjust your tactics quickly and keeps fights exciting. The game uses an elemental rock, paper, scissors mechanism, just like Genshin Impact, which adds another level of strategic complexity.

A Gacha System with Merciful Freebies

Building your squad in a gacha game means obtaining characters through chance draws. Astra Knights of Veda gives you free pulls at several milestones, making it an ample starting point. Characters can also be unlocked through challenges and plot advancement. After a certain number of pulls, the game even promises at least one five-star character, so everyone has an equal opportunity to obtain a powerful unit.

The Grind is Real

In Astra Knights of Veda, progress stops at the midway point, however the gacha mechanism is quite forgiving. Materials are always needed for character, weapon, and skill upgrades. Regretfully, cultivating these items frequently necessitates going through the same phases again.

In later chapters, the auto-battle option that seemed to speed up the grind turns out to be worthless. The AI frequently leads your characters into unnecessary dangers because it lacks the tactical acumen to handle challenging circumstances.

Technical Issues and Unpolished Finish

Astra Knights of Veda has issues with its technology. The lack of complete gamepad functionality makes PC users resort to using a keyboard and mouse for some menus. While not necessarily fatal to the game, bugs and optimization problems give the impression of carelessness. Text that overlaps and appears at random in Korean are additional things that take away from the overall experience.


The game Astra Knights of Veda has a lot of potential. The battle system is interesting, the story is gripping, and the dark fantasy backdrop offers a refreshing change of pace. But the game’s harsh grind, confusing user interface, and technical problems prevent it from being truly excellent.

Astra Knights of Veda is a worthwhile experience if you can tolerate the grind and ignore the technical difficulties. This is especially true for people looking for a darker anime fantasy role-playing game. Nonetheless, the game’s shortcomings may exceed its appeal to individuals with short attention spans.

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Astra Knights of Veda is a free-to-play RPG with gacha mechanics, featuring side-scrolling beat ’em up combat and a dark fantasy setting.

Yes, but the controller support feels incomplete on PC, requiring you to switch to keyboard and mouse for some menus.

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