ArcRunner Review – Fun Core Gameplay Held Back by Repetition

Fun Core Gameplay Held Back by Repetition

ArcRunner Review


The third-person roguelite shooter ArcRunner has just released on the Nintendo Switch. Despite having an enjoyable core gameplay loop and a chic cyberpunk look, the game’s repetitious level design, lack of variety in its weaponry, and repetitive audio experience ultimately cause it to fall short.


In the dystopian future of ArcRunner, artificial intelligence has become essential to humans. Sadly, when the AI goes rogue, this reliance takes a terrible turn. It is your job as one of the few surviving ArcRunners to defeat the AI and preserve humanity. The action-packed gameplay is mostly supported by the simplistic storyline.


Since ArcRunner is a roguelite shooter, every playthrough is produced randomly and presents a different experience every time. You’ll fight your way through three different themed locations, with six levels in each. These levels serve as arenas where you will be forced to fight until all opponents have been defeated. You can go on to the next level if you’ve defeated every enemy.

There are challenge chambers strewn throughout the stages that, when completed, yield more rewards. These tasks might be anything from surviving a timed onslaught to defeating a certain number of foes only using melee strikes. After completing these tasks, you’ll be able to open chests that hold strong weapons and other supplies to help you on your quest.

Combat Mechanics

ArcRunner’s combat style combines melee assaults, shooting, and character-specific skills. One primary weapon that you can switch out for new ones that are dropped by vanquished adversaries will be available to you. Because each weapon has unique attributes, you can select the one that best fits your style of play. Additionally, you have the opportunity to use a special character skill that can be used for either offensive or defensive purposes, as well as unleash a potent melee strike with a single button push.

Equipping sub-weapons is an intriguing addition to the fighting. These provide additional tactical options beyond your main weapon and can be anything from a useful drone to a grenade launcher.  The elemental properties that are affixed to some of the weaponry further complicate the fighting.

Meta Progression

Even though your run in ArcRunner ends when you die, you can obtain upgrades that last a lifetime thanks to a system called Nanites. These Nanites can be used to unlock new starting weapons and increase your character’s stats like damage and health. By gradually increasing your power, our meta-progression system encourages you to keep playing and makes subsequent runs a little bit simpler.


Up to three players can participate in online multiplayer games with ArcRunner. This gives the gameplay an entirely new dimension and lets you work with others to complete the difficult stages.

The Final Verdict

ArcRunner is a fun fundamental gameplay loop in a roguelite shooter. But its lack of diversity in weapons, repetitious level design, and boring auditory experience prevent it from living up to its full potential. ArcRunner may be worth a look if you’re searching for a quick and fashionable way to get your roguelite fix and you can locate it on discount. For the money, there are unquestionably better solutions available.

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The Good
  • Fun and engaging core gameplay loop
  • Stylish cyberpunk aesthetic with vibrant neon colors
  • Online multiplayer adds replayability
  • Meta-progression system incentivizes continued play
The Bad
  • Repetitive level design with limited environmental variety
  • Lack of weapon variety can make combat feel stale after a while
  • Blurry visuals on the Switch version can detract from the experience
  • Monotonous audio loop with a short soundtrack becomes grating


Absolutely! ArcRunner offers online multiplayer for up to three players.

Fun core gameplay, stylish cyberpunk aesthetics, online multiplayer, and a meta-progression system that keeps you engaged.

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