Another Crab’s Treasure Review – A Colorful Dive into the Soulslike Genre

Shelling Out the Best Mechanic: Why Another Crab’s Treasure’s Shell-Swapping is Genius
Another Crab's Treasure Review


For the soulslike genre, Another Crab’s Treasure is a welcome breath of new air. Another Crab’s Treasure, in contrast to its frequently gloomy and somber siblings, transports players to an underwater adventure full of vivid colors, comical creatures, and absurd laughter. Even though it makes extensive use of the soulslike formula, this title stands out because to its distinct appeal and world-building.

A Shell of a Time

You take on the role of Krill in the game, a timid reclusive crab that sets out on a mission to recover his stolen shell. A diverse group of oddball characters will appear in your path, ranging from the smug social Darwinist Firth to the sage old hermit crab Kch. For the most part, the narrative stays lighthearted and hilarious, even when it addresses more serious subjects like Krill’s struggle with melancholy. But the last act stumbles a little bit, making for an uneventful conclusion.

Simplified Souls

Numerous components of Another Crab’s Treasure are taken from vintage soulslikes. There are difficult boss battles, harsh penalties for dying, and bonfires to relax by. With fewer enemy attacks to memorize and a more forgiving parry technique, the fight is more simplified. The distinctive adversaries and inventive boss designs keep things interesting, even though seasoned players of the genre might find it less difficult.

Shelling Out the Best Mechanic

The shell-swapping mechanic in the game is its real treasure. Hermit crabs have the ability to gather and use many kinds of shells, each of which has its own mobility, armor, and special powers. The range of gaming options, such as creating bubbly bubbles with a soda can shell or rolling down ramps in a tennis ball shell, keeps things interesting and promotes exploration.

A Sea of Creativity

The universe of Another Crab’s Treasure is full with inventiveness. You will fight lobster knights, come across fashionable crabs decked out in abandoned goods, and learn how to utilize a fishing line as a grappling hook. The world-building has been expertly infused with humor and wit by the developers.

Not Without Flaws

The game has several technical issues, but the humorous and beautiful design aspects are rather strong. Playflow can be disturbed by recurring kill animations, glitches that can trap your crab in the environment, and sporadic camera problems. Fortunately, these problems are small and don’t ruin the trip as a whole.

Final Verdict

Enthusiasts of odd adventures and soulslikes will love Another Crab’s Treasure. It has an endearing and vibrant world, endearing characters, and an original shell-swapping mechanism that makes the gameplay interesting. For those seeking a novel perspective on the soulslike genre, Another Crab’s Treasure is a must-play due to its humor, inventiveness, and general appeal, even though the fighting is a little easier than average and has a few technical issues.

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Vibrant and humorous worldRepetitive kill animation
Unique shell-swapping mechanicOccasional camera issues and bugs
Memorable characters and boss fightsEasier combat compared to traditional soulslikes
Accessible take on the soulslike formula


Comparing Another Crab’s Treasure to typical soulslikes, it’s a more approachable experience. There is a more forgiving parry mechanic and simplified combat.

Of course! Another Crab’s Treasure is a must-play if you’re searching for a new touch on a lovely and humorous soulslike.

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