Abigail Review – Kidnappers vs. Vampire in Darkly Comic Horror

A darkly comedic horror film, Abigail throws together a group of unlikely kidnappers and a rebellious vampire teenager for a night of bloody mayhem and surprising redemption.

Abigail Review
Release date: April 19, 2024 (USA)
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Budget: $28 million
Music by: Brian Tyler

Abigail Cast

Abigail Alisha Weir
JoeyMelisa Barrera
FrankDan Stevens
SammyKathryn Newton
PeterKevin Durand
RicklesWilliam Catlett
DeanAngus Cloud
LambertGiancarlo Esposito


The next picture from filmmakers Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Abigail, combines unexpected emotional depth, humor, and terror. Combining aspects of heist films, Hotel Transylvania, and slasher movies, it’s an insane adventure that promises bloody humor and gore for all audiences.

A Cast of Colorful Criminals

The plot centers on a squad of seasoned criminals that are assembled for what appears to be a straightforward mission: kidnap and hold hostage Alicia Weir’s character, Abigail, a young ballerina. To keep their identities secret, the crew members are given codenames, which heightens the mystery of the movie. We have:

  • Joey (Melissa Barrera): A recovering addict with a troubled past who ends up forming an unexpected bond with Abigail.
  • Frank (Dan Stevens): A corrupt cop with a hunger for power and a ruthless streak.
  • Sammy (a young hacker from a wealthy family)
  • Dean (the getaway driver)
  • Kea (the gentle giant muscle)
  • Rickles (the stoic former military man)

Characters with Bite: Humor and Redemption

The characters in the movie are its greatest asset. Because each member of the kidnapping crew has a unique personality, their exchanges and banter are always entertaining. The improbable hero turns out to be Joey, the recovering junkie. She is portrayed by Barrera as having a strong will and a faint maternal protectiveness over Abigail. The movie delves into Joey’s want to make amends for past transgressions, giving the seemingly absurd situation some emotional nuance.

Abigail: From Deranged Ballerina to (Almost) Reluctant Monster

Weir gives a jovial yet ominous interpretation of Abigail. Her early campy style, which included tutus and pirouettes, can get annoying at times. But Weir really comes into his own when Abigail takes on the egotistical Frank. Her performance has an air of humorous malevolence that alludes to a convoluted internal conflict.

Horror with a Wink: Blood, Guts, and Killer Lines

With plenty of gore and well-placed jump scares, Abigail excels in the horror genre. The movie’s ability to constantly extract humor from the circumstance, however, is the real standout. The jokes usually hit home, whether they are parodying traditional vampire clichés or the criminals’ incredibly poor attempts to avert a supernatural threat.

A Familiar Recipe, Perfectly Seasoned

The movie’s concept isn’t totally unique; it incorporates ideas from a number of other places. On the other hand, Abigail is elevated into a genre-bending joy by the casting selections and nearly flawless comedic timing. The actors deliver the gory punchlines with impeccable timing, staying on a constant darkly funny wavelength.

Barrera Anchors the Chaos

Barrera’s sobering portrayal as Joey keeps the movie grounded in reality even in the middle of the hilarious mayhem. Her resolve to defend Abigail and atone for past transgressions gives the otherwise fanciful plot a touch of genuine feeling. The improbable friendship that develops between Joey and Abigail gives the movie an unexpectedly poignant undertone.

A Final Verdict

The immensely entertaining movie Abigail doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. It’s the ideal balance of humor, terror, and unexpectedly moving moments. For lovers of wink-infused horror movies and genre-bending comedies, Abigail is a must-see because of its innovative gore, clever banter, and likable ensemble.

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Both! The film uses humor to subvert expectations and deliver scares simultaneously.

A group of criminals kidnaps a young ballerina for ransom, only to discover she’s a bloodthirsty vampire. Trapped in a mansion, they become the hunted.

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